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Plan of Early Bannockburn - Drawn by P Parcell.

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Bannockburn School Jubilee Booklet 1871-1946 Booklet


Plan of Early Bannockburn - Drawn by P Parcell. (however the signature below Molyneux R seems to be S.E.B. ?) It appears that this map was created for the school jubilee in 1946. Philip May Parcell was asked to detail some local history, possibly by the wife of the school teacher, Mrs William Barr. Mr Parcell sketched this map with a stick in the dirt and it appears that Mrs Barr may have drawn this map from the sketch. this would explain the spelling mistakes too, as she would not be familiar with the old local names i.e. Bernie should be Birnie and Tiny should be Tiney. The signature may be of Mrs Barr ( Shirley E Barr ? - her daughters name was Shirley but her name is unknown ) - this information from Mrs M Valk.