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Wedding Party of Mr & Mrs J Perry - outside dwelling #35 (home of John Comrie Campbell)

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Aug 1921


Otago Daily Times - Allied press


Wedding Party of Mr & Mrs J Perry - outside dwelling #35 (home of John Comrie Campbell) See overlay for details (note - names may not be correct) 13. John Crombie Campbell 14. John Perry 16. Jessie Thomson Campbell 18. Mrs Margaret Campbell 19. Gertrude Cayford 21. David Dickey 22. Mrs Catherine Dickey (Mrs Alfred Perry - widow) List of wedding guests compiled by Valmai Chudley of Christchurch who is the grandaughter of the bridal couple. Source : Janice Dickey - Tokanui.Date 21 Aug 1901. Wedding Party of Mr & Mrs John Frederick Perry : 1. William (Bill) Perry b.16/6/1875 unmarried d.5/5/1938 b.Crom 2. Flora Perry (nee Cameron) (wife of Walter) 3. Walter Perry (son of Walter & Flora) 4. Alfred Perry 5. Myrtle Perry 6. Walter Perry - holding Myrtle 7. Eileen Martha Woods 8. Unknown 9. Alice Woods (nee Perry) holding Eileen Martha Woods 10. William Dickey (stepfather of the groom) Husband of Catherine. 11. Catherine Dickey (mother of groom) was Perry (nee Smith) 12. Alexander Cameron - brother of Flora Perry ? 13. David Dickey (groomsman) 14. John Frederick Perry (Gentleman Jack) Bridegroom 25yrs 15. Mary McLachlan Campbell 16. Jessie Thompson Perry (nee Comrie Campbell) Bride 16yrs 17. Campbell daughter 17a. Campbell daughter 18. Ellen Douglas Comrie Campbell (bridesmaid) 18yrs 18a. Child of Martha Comrie Campbell 19. Martha Dickey (bridesmaid) 13yrs 20. Martha Comrie Campbell 30yrs 21. Joseph Hill (best man) 22. Margaret Jeffrey Comrie Campbell (nee Mclachlan) mother of the bride 23. Robert Dickey 24. John Comrie Campbell (father of the bride) B-B Coal Mine Manager 25. Euphemia Bryce (stepmother of John Comrie Campbell ?) 26. Elizabeth Comrie Campbell 17yrs 27. Joseph (Reg) Dickey 14yrs or Henry Alexander Dickey 16yrs ? 28. Jane (Ginnie) Aldridge (nee Perry) sister of bridegroom 29. Edward Aldridge 30. John Aldridge 31 Sarah Spence Aitken (nee Comrie Campbell) 26yrs 32. Lena Aldridge 33. Ernest Dickey 9yrs 34. Winnifred Perry (daughter of Flora and Walter) 35. Aitken child 36. Aitken child