Location 108
Location #108 - the Stone Post Office
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Bannockburn-Nevis Road



Location #108 - the Stone Post Office. Bannockburn-Nevis Road, west side.

Still Standing


Construction Details

Stone and mortar. Corrugated iron roof. The stone may have come from new the old Kawarau homestead site close to Shepherds Creek where the Ray's lived (at the base of the Renshaw Range) see location #282.

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Commercial Building
Public Building

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1902 - The Post Office Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1649 1902 General Notes The Bannockburn Post Office was shifted to where the present Stone Post Office stands. At the rear of the section was a hut (see location #107) which had belonged to Mr John Jaxon, who was the general manager of the Cromwell and Bannockburn Colliery Company. The hut was upgraded in 1902 an moved from the rear of the section to the street frontage, where it became the Post Office.
1650 1908 General Notes The Post office was officially surveyed, becoming Section 79, Block 1, Cromwell Survey District. The Post Office was upgraded to a money order and savings bank office.
1651 1909 General Notes The Post Office reserve was gazetted. The District Engineer for the Post Office was asked to comment on the expansion of the existing building and stated that this was not practical. He considered that a Post office with living accommodation would need to be 30 ft by 20 ft (9.1m x 6.1 m) but such a building would be unnecessary as Bannockburn was a "very small and apparently decaying place (there are, I believe about 10 houses within a mile radius)". As an alternative, he suggested adding a room to the local store, however if a new Post Office was to be built, the residential portion "be reduced simply to a bedroom and kitchen, which as accommodation, however can hardly be considered adequate." During a visit by Hon. Roderick McKenzie, the Minister of Public Works and Mines to Cromwell in August, the Bannockburn residents indicated that a Post Office without a residence was their preferred option.
1652 1910 General Notes A Telephone Bureau was opened for the public to make phone calls. Construction of a new stone and mortar Post Office (location #108) to replace the 1902 building (#343) was started. The new post office was built by Mr Leslie Arthur of Cromwell and cost £459-18-08 (pound, shillings, pence), The stone may have come from the Renshaw Range/Shepherds Creek quarry (#282) which was used for the Presbyterian Church. The new building was to include a public area, office, living room an bedroom. After the contract had been let, documents signed and construction started, the Postmistress, Miss Anderson suggested that the living rooms would be better if they were enlarged by two feet each way at an additional cost of £42, While waiting for the decision, the builders "built the front and side next to the old 1902 post office nearly up to the window sills, leaving the ends so they could be either extended or built to plan" Approval was granted for the extension by telegram on 29 Dec 1910.
1653 1911 General Notes The new '1911 Stone Post Office" was completed and the old 1902 building was moved to the rear of the section. It was then modified to become the wash house and coal shed for the Post Office (location #496)
1654 1927 General Notes Electric lighting was installed in the Post Office.
1655 1979 General Notes The Post Office was officially closed.
1656 1980 General Notes Around 1980, the land and buildings were transferred to the Lands and Survey Department. The interior of the building was modified for staff accommodation.
1657 1987 General Notes The land and buildings were transferred to the Department of Conservation.
1658 1992 General Notes The site was gazetted as an Historical Reserve.
1659 various General Notes. Some of the Postmistresses (masters) who worked in the building were : Miss Maggie Anderson (1911) Miss Mary Flannery (from Omakau) (1910-191?) Miss Rachel Short (1913-1951) Miss Merle Ritchie Miss Cath Parsons Miss Mary S Scott (1949-1953 Miss Joyce Henderson (1953-1957) Miss K A Parsons (1957) Mrs H G Taylor (of Cromwell) (1957-1960) Miss C M Todd (1960) Mr John Mitchell (c1960 ) (relieving - lived in the Post Office for a few months) Mrs Joyce Horn (relieving Mrs Taylor part time)


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
310 Paul Crump 1998 Location #108 - looking south west. View Image
483 Miss A Parcell Collection c1912 Bannockburn Post and Telephone Office. View Image
1055 Terry Emmitt c1912 Bannockburn Post & Telephone Office - location #108. View Image
1856 Otago Witness (ODT Allied Press) 22 May 1912 "The Post office recently built at Bannockburn" View Image