Location 115
Location #115 - The Bannockburn Hotel
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Bannockburn-Nevis Road



Location #115 - The Bannockburn Hotel. Bannockburn-Nevis Road, west side.

Still Standing


Construction Details

Originally timber framed, with corrugated iron cladding. Upgraded and a pug extension added behind the existing building in 1899.

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Commercial Building

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1867 - 1885 John Richards Details
2 1882 Arthur Smith Details
3 1885 - 1889 John Wright Robertson Details
4 1890 - 1895 Mrs Sarah Robertson Details
5 1896 - 1897 John Hector Robertson Details
6 1898 - 1902 John Docton Parsons Details
7 1902 - 1907 George Seatter Details
8 1908 - 1910 Donald McRae Details
9 1911 - 1912 David White Details
10 1913 Mary Sachtler Details
11 1914 - 1915 William Reid Details
12 1916 - 1921 James A McLedowney Details
13 1922 - 1924 Joseph or James Stokes Details
14 1925 - 1926 Joseph Saunders Details
15 1926 - 1927 Frederick John Powell Details
16 1928 - 1931 Charles Lawrence Clark Details
17 1932 - 1935 William Young Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1790 1867 Location #115 - the first Bannockburn Hotel is built. Early in 1867 John Richards moved his hotel and store to Doctors Flat. He purchased an acre of land and built a timber framed, corrugated iron clad hotel and store close to and behind the present Bannockburn Hotel (location #116). Mr Richards advertised as having groceries, clothing, boots and household requisites of all descriptions for sale in his general store.
1791 1867 Lodge meeting held in the hotel. in May of 1867, the Dunstan branch of the Forresters Lodge held a meeting in the hotel to form a group called the Royal Oak of Kawarau.
1793 1869 Dwelling #115 put up for sale - but it did not sell. Dwelling #115 put up for sale - but it did not sell.
1794 1870 General Notes On 30 May John Richards applied to the Goldfields Warden to operate a punt on the Kawarau River ( see location #156). In August, the Bannockburn Minstrels gave a concert in the Bannockburn Hotel in aid of funds for the Dunstan Hospital.
1796 1876 John planted an apple orchard opposite his hotel (see location #390) John planted an apple orchard opposite his hotel (see location #390).
1797 1877 The Vincent County rateable value for the Bannockburn Hotel was £70 (seventy pound) The Vincent County rateable value for the Bannockburn Hotel was £70 (seventy pound)
1798 1879 Royal Oak of Kawarau Lodge meetings continued at the hotel. The Royal Oak of Kawarau Lodge meetings at the Bannockburn Hotel were an important part of the Bannockburn social life and were well supported for a number of years. Prominent members were William Parsons and William Burrows.
1800 1882 The hotel may have been on the market again. In May the hotel may have been on the market (see next resident - Arthur Smith)
1801 1884 The Post Office moved to the Bannockburn Hotel. In July, the Post Office was moved from dwelling #55 to the Bannockburn Hotel. Mr Richards took over the job of Postmaster. The Post Office consisted of a small timber framed corrugated iron clad building attached to the south end of the hotel, which had it's own separate entrance. The Post Office is location #342. The Post Office building was 6ft (1.8m) wide and 9ft (2.7m) long.
1802 1885 The Bannockburn Hotel was sold to Mr John Robertson. On 1 Nov 1885, Mr Richards sold his premises to Mr J W Robertson and retired. He moved to Cromwell and took up residence with his wife in Inniscourt Street. Mr Richards remained active in local affairs. To Improve communications between Cromwell and Bannockburn he formed a syndicate with Mr John Grant called the Kawarau Bridge Company which was responsible for building a toll bridge between the two ferry sites. (see location #153).
1806 1882 Mr Smith applied for a licence for the Bannockburn Hotel In May of 1882, Mr Arthur Smith applied for a licence to run the Bannockburn Hotel. However, the Kawarau Licencing Bench turned down the application. The reason that was given was that he was a non-resident.
1810 1885 John and Sarah take over the Bannockburn Hotel. On 1 Nov 1885, John Robertson and his wife Sarah took over the Bannockburn Hotel.
1811 1886 Charter was withdrawn for the Royal Oak of Kawarau Lodge. The Royal Oak of Kawarau Lodge, which had used the Bannockburn Hotel for it's meetings had it's charter withdrawn, maybe due to a reduction in membership.
1812 1888 Death of John Robertson. John Wright Robertson died on 12 Nov 1888, at the age of 58 years. He was buried in the Cromwell cemetery. His wife Sarah took over as proprietress and Postmistress.
1814 1894 Death of Mrs Sarah Robertson. Mrs Sarah Robertson died on 25 Dec 1894, at the age of 44 years. She is buried in the Cromwell cemetery with her husband Mr John Wright Robertson. The ownership of the Bannockburn Hotel passed to Sarah Robertson's nephew John Hector Robertson (2)
1818 1896 A telephone was installed in the Post Office. A telephone was installed in location #342, the Post Office at the Bannockburn Hotel.
1819 1897 John Robertson sold location #115 to Mr John Docton Parsons. Mr John Hector Robertson (2) sold the Bannockburn Hotel to Mr John Docton Parsons (1).
1821 1898 John Parsons (1) purchased the Bannockburn Hotel. Mr John Docton Parsons (1) purchased dwelling #115, the Bannockburn Hotel from Mr John Hector Robertson (2). Miss Laura Parsons operated the Post Office in dwelling #342.
1823 1899 Advertisement in the Cromwell Times. The Cromwell Times ran an advertisement proclaiming the benefits of the Bannockburn Hotel. " The public rooms, bar and bedrooms have all been renovated, which places this hotel in the front rank of Goldfields hotels. There are private rooms set apart for families. A large new billiard room with an excellent table is available. There is first class stabling. Simpson and Harts Tuapeka ales are always on draft. " From an early photo of the main street, it appears that the rear section of the hotel was added using mainly pug construction.
1825 1902 The Post Office moved out of the Bannockburn Hotel. The Bannockburn Post Office which operated out of location #342, adjacent to location #115 was moved to the site of the present Post Office (location #108)
1827 1902 John Parsons (1) sold the Bannockburn Hotel to Mr George Seatter. Mr John Docton Parsons (1) sold location #115, the Bannockburn Hotel to Mr George Seatter. It appears that the family of Mr J D Parsons (1) left Bannockburn at that time. The Bannockburn school records show that David Parsons left Bannockburn on 21 May 1902.
1835 1908 George Seatter sold the Banockburn Hotel to Mr Donald McRae. George Seatter sold the Banockburn Hotel to Mr Donald McRae. The Seatter family moved to St Clair in Dunedin. Here George was the proprietor of the Ocean Beach Hotel.
1840 1911 Donald McRae sold the Bannockburn Hotel to Mr David White. Donald McRae sold the Bannockburn Hotel to Mr David White.
1844 1926 Frederick Powell purchased dwelling #115 Mr Powell and family shifted to Bannockburn in early 1926 and purchased dwelling #115. he and his wife had been in the hotel trade in Port Chalmers.
1845 1926 Death of Frederick Powell Frederick Powell died on 21 Apr 1926, and was buried in the Cromwell cemetery. Mrs Powell continued to run the Bannockburn hotel after his death.
1846 c1928 Mrs Powell sold the Bannockburn Hotel to Mr Charles Clark. Mrs Powell sold dwelling #115 to Mr Charles Lawrence Clark. Mrs Powell remarried, to Mr Tom Smith who lived in dwelling #291.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
12 Ron Murray c1908/1910 The Bannockburn Hotel View Image
24 Ron Murray c1908 Bannockburn Hotel. View Image
112 Cromwell Argus via Paul Crump 15 Feb 1876 Bannockburn Hotel & Store - John Richards View Image
113 Cromwell Times via Paul Crump 11 Nov 1899 Bannockburn Hotel - J D Parsons View Image
273 Cromwell Argus via Paul Crump 21 June 1898 Bannockburn Hotel - J D Parsons View Image
336 Mrs V Paterson, Bannockburn c1926 Bannockburn Hotel. View Image
482 Miss A Parcell Collection 1899 Bannockburn Township - Bannockburn-Nevis Road. View Image
558 Cromwell Museum - T Emmitt c1916-1921 Motor Cars outside the Bannockburn Hotel View Image
691 Paul Crump - Bannockburn 1908 - 1910 Bannockburn Hotel - looking west. View Image
764 Cromwell Argus 9 May 1899 Obituary - John Richards View Image
1027 Gordon Stewart - Bannockburn c1886 Mr John Wright (or McKenzie Robertson and Mrs Sarah Robertson. View Image
1095 Cromwell Argus via Paul Crump 1886 Bannockburn Hotel - J W Robertson View Image
1204 Cromwell Argus 21 Aug 1911 Bannockburn Hotel - E G Alford View Image
1235 J W Toms - Roxburgh 1914 "Farewell to our Boys" - Bannockburn men leaving for WW1 View Image
1877 Ron Murray collection c1908/10 Bannockburn Hotel - location #115 View Image
1996 Cromwell Argus, via Mrs D McKenzie, Alexandra 2 Sep 1918 Bannockburn Hotel - J McEldowney, Proprietor View Image
2005 Cromwell Argus 20 Jul 1908 Bannockburn Hotel (location #115) - Donald McRae, Proprietor View Image
2389 Diggers, Hatters & Whores - S Eldred-Grigg 1873 Anthony Trollope - well known English author of the 1870's. View Image