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Location #120 - The Jubilee Hall and Athenaeum.
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Terrace Road - King Street



Location #120 - The Jubilee Hall and Athenaeum. Terrace Road, south side. Duke Street, west side.

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Pug. Internal dimensions 46 ft long, 26 ft wide, 10 ft high. Built by John Crawford for £84.

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Public Building

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Group Date Description
1 1887 Jubillee Hall and Athenaeum. Details


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Note Date Short Description Note Text
1899 1887 General Notes A public meeting was held to discuss whether to extend the existing hall or to build a new hall. It was decided to cal tenders for a new hall. the Jubilee Hall and Athenaeum in honour of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. This would be constructed of pug with inside measurements of 46 foot long, 26 foot wide, and 10 foot high. In August a tender from Mr John Crawford for £84 to construct a new hall was accepted. A loan of £100 was taken out with the Bank of New Zealand. A sub-committee consisting of Messrs William Parcell, Charles Tippett, John Short, and J Ray was formed to sign the contract and supervise the construction of the new hall. Mr Peter Paterson was paid one pound per week to work with the contractor during the time he was pugging. The contractor was carefully watched by the sub-committee and at one stage was told to take down a bulging gable and build it again. He was also told to make the corners to the satisfaction of the committee. The committee supplied and was paid two pounds and 12 shillings for 4x2 sleepers for laying the floor on. The contractor was paid an extra £34 to build an anteroom to house the library, and three pound to build a stage. Other who helped in the process were Mr Joseph Burrows who did the painting with lead and oil at a cost of three pounds, assisted by Mr Joseph McCabe at a cost of one pound, ten shillings. Mr John Ray was paid five shillings for helping with the plastering inside, which cost two pound ten shillings. Mr William Parcell procured for the sum of two pound, 120 foot of match lining for the stage wings. Mr George Botcher was commissioned to make 11 forms with backs, similar to the ones from the old hall at a cost of twenty two shillings and sixpence. The new hall and its furnishings were insured for four hundred and fifty pounds at a cost of twenty five shillings per annum. To bring the new hall to completion, the committee held a total of 26 meetings to discuss progress.
1900 1888 General Notes. The grand opening of the new Jubilee Hal was celebrated with a concert held by the dramatic society on 16 March 1888. William Crombie was appointed cleaner, which included lighting the lamps for a cost of seven pound per annum, later increased to eight pound. James Stuart, the first Bannockburn Ferry and Hotel owner, presented a map of Otago to the hall. Trustees for the hall were Messrs Charles Ray, Richard Thomason and William Menzies. The library was transferred from the old hall (location #56) to the new hall. Mr J L Moore continued as librarian until 1896.
1901 1888 The Bannockburn Quadrille Assembly. The grand final dance of the Bannockburn Quadrille Assembly will take place on Friday Evening, 17 August at the Athenaeum. There will be a double programme with refreshments provided. Admission to non-members wil be six shillings. Dancing will commence at 8 oclock. Gentlemen are requested to wear gloves. Further details from Mr T Grant, Secretary. (As advertised in the Cromwell Argus 14 Aug 1888)
1902 1888 Anniversary Concert (Cromwell Argus 30 Oct 1888( The Bannockburn Athenaeum Anniversary Concert which was held on Friday evening (October 24) attracted a fair attendance. The opening item of the program, "Roulette" - a piano and violin duet by Messrs Hartley and Anderson was splendidly rendered, so also was a subsequent duet by the same players. Mr A Clarke contributed two very pleasing melodies during the evening, "Will My Darling Come Again" and "I Traced Her Little Footsteps In The Snow". Though not possessed with a first class voice, Mr Clarke succeeded in securing a good round of applause. He sang both songs with much good taste and in excellent time. The two veterans Messrs Aitken and McGregor, fully sustained their past laurels in a couple of duets "We Are Two Wandering Minstrels" and "The Larboard Watch" to both which it is almost needless to say they did ample justice. In addition to singing the duets, Mr Aitken (in place of Mr Turton who was unavoidably absent) sang "Mother Kissed Me In My Dreams" in the first part of the program, and "Scotland Yet" in the second. In both, Mr Aitken was loudly and deservedly applauded. Miss Faulds who was the only lady soloist succeeded admirably in pleasing her audience. In both songs "Come Back To Erin" and "The Miller and the Maid" she had to respond to very hearty recalls. On the first occasion she merely bowed her acknowledgement but on the second "Coming Through The Rye" was rendered to the evident satisfaction of everyone present. To Misses Bell and McGregor is due a word of praise, for their rendition of two duets "Listen to the Convent Bells" and "Flow On Thou Shining River". The feature of the evenings performance was undoubtedly the violin solo of Mr Anderson "Life Let Us Cherish" and "The Keel Row". A most enthusiastic encore brought him out again in the second part, when he fairly charmed his hearers with "Home Sweet Home". Mr Hartley sang "Elrin on the Rhine" and "My Pretty Jane" in good voice, and Mr Horn was equally well heard in his song "The Last Aboard" The comic event was presented by Mr E Lawrence who contributed three character songs in entertaining style including "The Colleen Dhu". During the evening Miss Truman and Mr Hartley accompanied the various solo's duets etc. A side splitting farce in which the dramatis personae was represented by Messrs Andrews, Grant, Hawkes and J Burrows, brought the entertainment to a close.
1903 1888 Monster Bazaar fund raising event. A great fund raising effort was staged on Dec 27 and 28. This followed the pattern when the first hall was opened in 1884, and it took the form of a monster bazaar. This embraced the adjacent districts for it was recorded that " Mr Parcell (who was the hall chairman for many years) was engaged on 5 Nov to convey the ladies to Cromwell and Lowburn in connection with the forementioned effort ". The hire of the trap for that expedition cost the committee £3-15. However, this expenditire was considered well worthwhile when the gross proceeds netted three figures. For the bazaar, the secretary was empowered " to purchase from J L Scott's bakery, several loaves of bread, a ham, two cakes and 12 dozen pastries. From Mr Horns store the purchase was a case of oranges, bananas, pineapples and coconuts ". Some of the events at the bazaar included rifle shooting and lotteries, the latter generating £31-16.
1904 1889 Bannockburn Dramatic Society Concert. (as advertised by the Cromwel Argus 26 Feb 1889) The programme is to be presented in the Athenaeum Hall on Friday evening, March 1. Programme - Part 1. Violin Solo - Mr J Anderson Song - Miss Faulds Song - Mr A Clarke Song - Miss Bell Song - Mr R Hawkes Song - Miss Faulds Violin Solo - Mr J Anderson Programme - Part 2. A drama entitled "Irish Assurance or Yankee Modesty" Dramatis Personae: Pat (Irish footman) - Mr T Torrance Mr Buffer (an old English gentleman) - Mr A Clarke Mr Clifton (an English swell) - Mr J Burrows Charles Herbert (a young middy) - Mr W Clunie Nancy (an American servant girl) - Miss Perry Miss Buffer (an old maid) - Miss Halliday Susan (Mr Buffers daughter) - Miss Norman There is new scenery which has been painted especially for the drama. The programme will conclude with a dance. Admission to the entertainment is 2s-6d, (two shillings and sixpence), dance is 1s (one shilling). The entertainment will start at 8 o'clock sharp. Andrew H Hawkes - Honorary Secretary.
1905 1889 Notes on hall rentals. The committee appear to have charged apparently high hall rentals. The Good Templars lodge on 1 Apr 1889 applied to rent the hall and use the old piano and were told they could have the hall for £5 per annum but "no one was to play the piano who was not competent to do so". No organisation was on any account to be given a key. The Robert Bruce Lodge and the Draughts Club were charged 25s per annum, to be paid in advance. The volunteers were charged £1-1 (one pound one shilling). The Quadrille Assembly had to pay 7s-6d per night, to be paid monthly. The musical club "the Blackbirds", had the use of the hall free on the condition that they gave 10% of the door takings on the night of their production. The Dramatic Club were granted the hall on Thursday nights, because they gave their production proceds in aid of hall funds. The Sunday School had to pay 3s-6d per night for practices, with the further 2s-6d on the night of the concert. Day School was charged 5s per practice plus a further £2 for the night of the concert. Mr John Short tried to have this reduced to £1 but was overruled by the other five committee members. The school committee could use the anteroom when the hall committee does not require it, for £1 per annum. The picnic committee could use the hall on the afternoons for the picnic, concert and dance at night for 9s. The Rev. Quintrall of the Bible Christians was charged 2s-6d per night for choir practice. Some of the other users of the hall included: The athletic, cricket and rugby clubs, Miners Association, Mining Company meetings, auctions, public meetings, and lectures.
1906 1889 Notes on the picnic. Early in December at a hall committee meeting it was decided to form a picnic committee to hold the picnic as usual on 31 Dec. The ladies canvassed the area for " money and kind " for picnic funds and netted £16-17-6. The menu for the picnic included 144 sponge cakes, 300 buns, 200 tartlets, 20 pound of lollies, 10 pound of biscuits, 24 pound of ham, 10 loaves of bread and four pound of butter. All this was supplied by Robert Ormiston, the local baker, along with all of the crockery. He also looked after making all the tea, for a total cost of £8. The Cromwell Brass Band was invited to play at the picnic " if they did not require more the £3 for doing so ". The picnic was a great success and after paying all accounts, including £2 for hall rental, the balance was put in the Colonial Bank to be used for future picnics.
1907 1891 General Notes The hall was plastered by Louis McGregor for the cost of £5-5. Two lamps and six globes were purchased to improve illumination. on 27 Feb, the annual children's and Band of Hope entertainment was held in the hall.
1908 1891 Public meeting held in the hall regarding the Cromwell Bridge. (from the Cromwell Argus, 3 Mar 1891) A public meeting was held in the Athenaeum Hall, Bannockburn on the 28th ult, to consider the advisability of borrowing £3,000 under the "Loans to Local Bodies Act" for the purpose of defraying the expense incurred in connection with the building of the Cromwell Bridge. Mr Ray presided, and explained the necessity of borrowing the money, the more especially as the rate from mining property would only bring in a little over £300 in place of the gold duty. Mr Parcell proposed, and Mr Moore seconded - that in the opinion of the meeting it is desirable to borrow £3,000 under the "Loans to Local Bodies Act" for the purpose of building the Cromwell Bridge - carried. Proposed by Mr W Menzies, that a committee be formed to work up this district to get every one to vote for this loan - seconded by Mr Parcell, and carried. Mr Menzies proposed and Mr Ball seconded - that all in the room form themselves into a committee for the above purpose - carried. A vote of thanks was recorded to the chairman. Before dispersing the chairman drew attention to the fact that nominations for the licencing committee would require to be in by next week, and asked that a lively interest be taken in the election.
1909 1895 Grand Sacred Concert. On 28 April, there was a "Grand Sacred Concert" held in the hall after church services were held, by the Calzow-Neil Party (Cromwell Argus)
1910 1897 Salvation Army began to use the hall. The Salvation Army began to hold meetings in the hall, run by the McArthur sisters, Grace and Susan. Open air meetings were also held. The Anglicans also held services in the hall a number of times, however support was not forthcoming.
1911 1898 The first cinematographic show was held in the hall. The first cinematographic show was held in the hall. This caused great excitement, especially when the highly flammable, plain celluloid film caught fire. Thankfully there was no great damage.
1913 1899 Advertisement in Cromwell Times - 30 Jun 1899. On 30 Jun, the social, under the auspices of the Anglican Church, to be held in the Athenaeum Hall, Bannockburn tonight, promises to be in every way as successful as the one held in Cromwell last week. Each family giving a basket entitles the whole of its members at 1s each, others 3s each, double ticket 2s.
1912 1911 General Notes The old pug Jubillee Hall gave good service to the community until 1911. Funds collected with the help of James Horn, who was the Member of Parliament for the district, enabled a new hall to be constructed. £600 was collected at the celebrations of the coronation of George V. Therefore the new hall was to be known as the 'Coronation Hall"


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58 Cromwell and Districts Rugby Centennial Book 1888 Bannockburn Football Club - 1888 View Image
84 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minute Book Vol. 1. 3 Aug 1887 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minutes - 3 Aug 1887 View Image
85 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minute Book Vol. 1. 5 Aug 1887 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minutes - 5 Aug 1887 View Image
86 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minute Book Vol. 1. 17 Aug 1887 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minutes - 17 Aug 1887 View Image
87 Bannockburn Hall Committee - Minute Book Vol 1 17 Aug 1887 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minutes - Public Meeting - 17 Aug 1887 View Image
88 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minute Book Vol. 1. 19 Aug 1887 Bannockburn Hall Committee Minutes - 19 Aug 1887 View Image
89 Bannockburn Hall Committee 1887 Bannockburn Hall - Balance Sheet 1887 View Image
482 Miss A Parcell Collection 1899 Bannockburn Township - Bannockburn-Nevis Road. View Image
685 Paul Crump - Bannockburn c1900 Jubilee Hall & Athenaeum (1888) View Image
979 Otago Daily Times 24 Aug 1901 Bannockburns 'welcome home' to Farrier, A Ferguson (5th NZ Contingent to the Boer War) View Image