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Dwelling #126
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Bannockburn-Nevis Road



Dwelling #126. Bannockburn-Nevis Road, east side, south west of dwelling #106.

Still Standing


Demolished between 1928 and 1931, with material used to enlarge dwelling #106 and to build dwelling #124.

Construction Details

Timber framed and clad, with corrugated iron roof. Pug kitchen, and pug fence around the house. Small - three bedrooms and a long sitting room.

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1895 - 1902 John McCabe Details
2 ? - 1902 William Ellis and Sarah Evans Details
3 ? - 1905 Sarah Evans Details
4 1905 - 1914 John Richard Crombie Details
5 ? Mrs Oldfield Details
6 1914 - c1922 Thomas Lawrence Details
7 c1922 - 1923 Edward (Ted) Lawrence Details
8 c1928 Ernest Roy Parker Details
9 1931 Mrs Ethal Parker Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1934 c1887 - 1902 Mentioned in J P Parcells Notes: Mentioned in Mr J P Parcells notes: Mr & Mrs W Ellis may well have lived in dwelling #126. It appears (from the will of W Ellis) that Sarah Evans had been living with William Ellis as his housekeeper for some time. It appears that the Bannockburn community were told, or presumed, that William and Sarah were married. She may have arrived c1866 with William Ellis.
1935 1902 Death of William Ellis On 23 Feb 1902, Mr Ellis died at the age of 72 years. He is buried in the Cromwell cemetery. In his will, William Ellis recorded that his estate was to be left "unto my housekeeper, Sarah Evans (generally known as Mrs Ellis)" The couple had no children. It appears that Sarah continued to live in dwelling #126 after Williams death.
1937 1905 Auction of dwelling #126. On 16 Sep 1905, at 2pm sharp, Mrs Ellis's house (maybe dwelling #126) was auctioned along with its contents by Mr George Goodger of Cromwell. It was advertised in the Cromwell Argus on 11 Sep as: "residence area, about 1 acre, with three roomed house thereon. Also household furniture and effects including musical instruments, clocks, mirrors, tables, lamps, crcokery, chairs, tools and cooking utensils etc " It appears from Parcell's notes that Mr J R Crombie purchased dwelling #126.
1940 1905 It appears that Mr Crombie purchased dwelling #126 at auction. It appears that Mr Crombie purchased dwelling #126 on 16 Sep 1905, at auction from the estate of Sarah Ellis (Evans).
1942 ? From J P Parcells notes - no details or dates are mentioned. In J P Parcells notes it is mentioned that Mrs Oldfield may have lived in dwelling #126 - no details or dates are mentioned.
1943 1912 Thomas Lawrence and family return to Bannockburn. Thomas Lawrence was working at the 'Martha' gold mine in Waihi when a strike broke out. In September, he and his family returned to Bannockburn, and to dwelling #126 which they rented. With the help of Mr James Horn at the Stone Store, Tom Lawrence got a job at the Caledonian quartz battery in Smith's Creek, Carrick range.
1946 c1920 Ted Lawrence returned to Bannockburn and came back to dwelling #126 to live with his parents. Ted Lawrence returned to Bannockburn from working in various jobs in the Nevis, and came to live with his parents in dwelling #126.
1949 c1929 Mr & Mrs Thomas Lawrence moved back to Bannockburn from Arrowtown. Mrs and Mrs Thomas Lawrence moved back to Bannockburn from Arrowtown. The couple went to live with their son Edward (Ted) and his family in dwelling #126.
1950 c1920 It appears that Ted Lawrence may have purchased dwelling #126 from his father around 1926. It appears that Ted Lawrence may have purchased dwelling #126 from his father Thomas around 1926. Thomas moved to Tarras where he worked as a roadman.
1952 1928 Dwelling #126 was partially demolished. The old house (dwelling 3126) stood empty until 1928 when the material from the timber bedroom was used to build the wash house extension on the rear of the Lawrence's new house, dwelling #106. Timber was also used to build dwelling #124 - the garage and storage shed. One of Mr Lawrence's drivers, a Mr E Parker lived for some time in the remaining pug section of dwelling #126.
1953 1931 The remaining portion of dwelling #126 was demolished. The remaining pug section of dwelling #126 was demolished in 1931.
1957 1931 Mrs Parker and her son moved back from the Nevis. Mrs Parker and her son Albert moved back from the Nevis to Bannockburn, and once again lived in dwelling 3126 (or possibly #106) while her husband continued to work in the Nevis. Mr Parker had a motorcycle with a side-car. Mr parker moved back to Bannockburn and the family then moved to dwelling #5.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
750 Mr N Kessing - Tauranga Sep 1905 Dwelling #126 - for sale by auction. View Image
2426 Paul Crump - Bannockburn as at 1930 Dwelling #126 - Bannockburn-Nevis Road View Image