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Location #167. Tippet's Dam.
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Pipeclay Terrace.



Location #167. Tippet's Dam.

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1874 - 1887 The Carrick Range Water Supply Company Details
2 1887 - 1895 Charles Tippett (1) Details
3 1895 - 1897 Jacob Crow Details
4 1897 - 1900 J Lawrence & Sons and Adam Aitken Details
5 1900 - 1910 J Lawrence (2) and Adam Aitken Details
6 1910 J J Halliday (2) Details
7 1910 J P Gore Details
8 c1911 Carrick Gold Mining Company Details
9 c1911 - 1920 Otago Central Consolidated Gold Mines Details
10 1921 - 1957 Vincent County Council Details
11 1957 - 1988 The Crown - Ministry of Works and Development Details
12 1988 - The Carrick Irrigation Company Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
2236 1874 Location of Tippett's Dam The dam is located on the western end of Pipeclay Terrace, south side of Pipeclay Gully. Between Smith's and Pipeclay Gully.
2237 1874 Tender let for construction of the dam. On 26 Jun 1874, the Cromwell Argus reported that the Carrick Range Water Supply Company had let a tender for the construction of a dam and hut between Smith's and Pipeclay Gullies. The tender was let to a local Chinese by the name of May Hoy. It is not clear who worked for Hoy.
2238 1874 Dame reported as being complete. On 20 Oct, the Argus reported that the dam was complete. Ridlands map of 1890 shows a number of dams on Pipeclay Terrace, between Smith's and Pipeclay Gullies. The only dam that may have taken 5 months to construct is the largest, Tippett's Dam. It also has what may be a hut shown next to it. The dates on the licence for Tippett's Dam are very close to those of the Argus.
2239 1886 The Carrick Range Water Supply Company was in serious financial difficulty. The Carrick Range Water Supply Company was in a serious financial position. The water race had been completed from Coal Creek to Menzies Terrace, by using all of it's own money plus a large government mortgage. There was less water being supplied and the entire race was in poor condition.
2240 1887 It appears that the company decided to sell the dam. It appears that the Carrick Range Water Supply Company may have decided to seel their large dam on Pipeclay Terrace. On 11 Apr it appears that David Anderson Jolly (store owner and investor of Cromwell) and Charles Tippett (1) (miner) purchased the dam. At the time of the sale a fourth share was allocated to William Talboys (draper and investor of Cromwell). Jacob Crow (miner) appears to have been allocated 2/12 shares, mortgaged to W Talboys.
2241 1889 Share transfers. On 21 May, Charles Tippett (1) mortgaged one quarter share, William Renshaw (miner) and Jacob Crow were allocated one twelveth share each, all mortgaged to the Colonial Bank of New Zealand.
2242 1895 Charles Tippett (1) drowns in the dam. On 30 Jul 1895, Charles Tippett (1) drowned in his dam, two years to the day from when his son Charles (2) was accidentally killed in a rugby match.
2243 1895 Jacob Crow took sole ownership of Tippett's Dam. On 29 Oct, Samuel Tippett (miner) and James Marshall (mining agent of Cromwell) became proprietors by way of transmission of the late Charles Tippett's will. At this time it appears that Jacob Crow purchased the late Charles Tippett's shares and became the sole owner of Tippett's Dam.
2244 1897 Adam Aitken purchased a share in the dam. On 1 Feb 1897, Adam Aitken (miner) purchased a part share in Tippett's Dam.
2245 1897 Jacob Crow sells his share in the dam. On 9 Mar 1897, Jacob Crow sold his share in the dam to James Lawrence (1) and his sons; James (2), Charles (2) and Arthur. Jacob then went into partnership with William Anderson, when he purchased Andy Ridland's share in the Cairnmuir Coal Pit (see location #190)
2246 1900 On 1 Apr 1900, James Lawrence (1) died and on 6 June, James Lawrence (2) took over his interests in the dam. On 1 Apr 1900, James Lawrence (1) died and on 6 June, James Lawrence (2) took over his interests in the dam.
2247 1909 At around this time, Adam Aitken and family moved to Invercargill. At around this time, Adam Aitken and family moved to Invercargill.
2248 1910 Death of Adam Aitken. Adam Aitken died in 1910 and on 23 May, his wife Amelia Jane took over his share in the dam.
2249 1910 Tippett's Dam purchased by J J Halliday. The owners of Tippett's Dam at this time; David Anderson Jolly (finance), William Thomas Talboys (finance) both of Cromwell, Amelia Jane Aitken, Frances Lawrence, James Lawrence (2) and Charles Lawrence (2) sold their interests to John Jelly Halliday (2) (dredger)
2250 1910 The dam was sold to John Packer Gore. On 8 Oct 1910, John Jelly Halliday sold Tippett's Dam to John Packer Gore. Some time later, possibly in 1911, the dam was sold to the Carrick Gold Mining Company Ltd, and Robert Dunkley.
2252 1921 The dam was transferred to the Vincent County Council. on 7 Apr 1921, Otago Central Consolidated Goldmines No Liability transferred the dam to the Vincent County Council.
2253 1957 The dam was transferred to the Crown (Ministry of Works & Development) On 24 Aug, the Vincent County Council transferred the licence for Tippett's Dam to Her Majesty the Queen. The Carrick race which ran through Tippett's Dam was administered by the Ministry of Works & Development for local irrigation. However, the dam was never used to store water.
2254 1988 The dam was purchased by the Carrick Irrigation Company. The government sold the Carrick Race to the Bannockburn Irrigation Scheme which has been formed into the Carrick Irrigation Company. The Carrick Race has now been re-aligned and by-passes Tippett's Dam. The area of Tippett's Dam is part of lot 61, Blk II, Bannockburn Survey District, and has been crown lease land since 1927. For details of the owner/occupiers see location #13.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
937 Carrick Irrigation Company 9 July 1875 Licence for Tippets Dam. Location #167 - Pipeclay Terrace. View Image
947 Land Information NZ - Dunedin 1921 - 1923 Bannockburn Survey 1921-1923. Surveyor S T Burton. Field Book 909 Page 24 (b) View Image