Location 182
Dwelling #182.
Map 6

Slaughteryard Hill



Dwelling #182. Slaughteryard Hill, upper area, eastern side.

Still Standing


Construction Details

Unknown, but stacked stone foundation. ( Note: dwelling #182 as shown on map 6 may not have been C Angels hut, but this is the only unknown foundation remaining in this area )

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 c1901 - c1910 Charles Angel Details
2 c1910 - 1917 John Hodson (1) Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
2274 1910 General Notes. About this time, John Hodson (1) may have moved from dwelling #244 to dwelling #182. He had opened up the Lady Ranfurly coal mine (location #185) which he may have worked with his son John Hodson (2). His son may also have lived with him in dwelling #182 during the week. The dwelling was close to the Lady Ranfurly coal mine. During this time it seems that he may have still owned dwelling #244, and only used dwelling #182 when he was working the coal mine.
2379 c1898 Dwelling #206 is built. It appears that around this time Thomas Lawrence had dwelling #206 built by a Mr Clem Sutherland from Invercargill. (possibly a relation of the Clem Sutherland from dwelling #134 ?). Thomas Lawrence and his family moved to Quartzville and into dwelling #206 at this time.
2380 1901 The Lawrence family move to Australia. In February of 1901, Thomas Lawrence and his family moved to Australia whre he worked on a gold field at Naneane (?). They lived in a mining town called Tukanara. Dwelling #206 was sold to Mrs (Sarah?) Jockey Jones.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
434 Paul Crump, Bannockburn 1999 Remains of dwelling #182 - looking south View Image
435 Paul Crump, Bannockburn 1999 Remains of dwelling #182 - looking south east View Image