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Location #211 - School Foot Bridge.
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Smiths Creek.


Location #211 - School Foot Bridge. Smith's Creek, lower Smith's Gully. North of the school grounds.

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Timber construction.

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Group Date Description
1 1884 School Foot Bridge. Details


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Note Date Short Description Note Text
2432 1884 General notes. The footbridge was located on Smith's Creek, in lower Smith's Gully, north of the school grounds on the school track from Terrace Road. The bridge was constructed of timber, but no details of its construction, or the builder have been found by the author. It appears that the school committee may have been concerned that the pupils who used the school track from Terrace Road to get to school, had to wade through Smith's Creek. They proposed to construct a bridge on the school track, across the creek. However, some settlers thought the money would be better spent building a bridge across Smith's Creek further downstream where the Bannockburn-Nevis Road crossed the creek. Here people travelling this road on foot also had the ford the creek. Finally the bridge was built on the school track. Later the committee asked the land owners on this route to construct crossings over their water races. In 1903, the school committee sent a letter to James Horn, the County Member, regarding the condition of the Smith's Creek bridge.


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