Location 213
Location #213. First School Residence.
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Schoolhouse Road


Lower Smith's Gully


Location #213. First School Residence. Lower Smith's Gully, Schoolhouse Road, school ground, western end.

Still Standing


Construction Details

Timber, weatherboard and iron.

Location Type

Public Building

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1873 - 1892 Various schoolhouse residents (see list in details) Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
2446 1873 Construction. The residence was a two roomed, timer framed, weatherboard clad building, with a galvaised corrugated iron roof.
2447 1873 General notes. The school committee decided to build a school residence for the teacher. The two roomed dwelling was constructed at a cost of £190 (one hundred and ninety pounds). It is not known who the builder was.
2448 1892 Second school residence was built. In 1892, the second school residence was erected - dwelling #214. Dwelling #213 was moved to a position close to the rear of dwelling #214 (now referenced as dwelling #451)
2450 1891 Farewell for Miss Truman. From the Cromwell Argus 3 Mar 1891. On Thursday last, a pleasing and gratifying ceremony took place in the public school, Bannockburn. A few ladies and gentlemen attended to present to Miss Truman, school mistress, a souvenir from the parents and children on her leaving here to take charge of Waireka. Mr W Parcell, chairman of committee made an appropriate speech , in which he hoped Miss Truman would be as successful where she was going as she had been here, he then called upon Miss Aitken to present to Miss Truman a beautiful gold chain and pendant, the pendant being suitably inscribed. Mr Strong in a few words returned thanks on behalf of Miss Truman, and hoped the people would occasion to treat Miss Paterson the same way when she left. Three cheers were then given by the children for Miss Truman, and also for Mr Parcell. Miss Paterson, the school mistress, arrived on Saturday. There were nine applicants for the position of school mistress, Miss Paterson being the committee's choice.
2451 1891 Journey to a new job .... Miss Patersons arrival. Miss Paterson came from Clutha (Balclutha) where a former Bannockburn teacher, Mr G B Clark told her " you could not begin in a better place; the Bannockburn people will treat you like a princess; they will be exceedingly kind " After reaching Lawrence at midday by train via Milton, I took a coach for Roxburgh, reaching there at 8 pm. The driver was the well known whip James McIntosh. Shearers were knocking down their cheques at Herron's Hostelry, so passengers were not ill pleased to be called at the early hour of 4 am by the driver of the Cromwell coach, Fred Denham. A cup of coffee with sandwich was the forerunner of breakfast at Butcher's Gully at eight o'clock. There were three passengers - an elderly minister (Rev. Mr White) for the Cromwell Charge; and apprentice lad for Alexandra, and the teacher for Bannockburn. Climbing a hill-side road so miles out the coach stopped and a shout from the driver " Get out there - quick " sent the passengers hurriedly to the road. A horse had dropped dead. The driver firmly controlled the reigns and brake while instructing the minister how to unharness, and the apprentice led the remaining horses away. To driver and grey haired minister fell the task of dragging away the dead horse. In time, helped by the sloping ground this was done, and two breathless and perspiring men wisely partook of strong liquid refreshment produced no doubt from the First Aid kit. The journey was resumed and Cromwell was reached after midday. The bridge over the Molyneux was being rebuilt and passengers and luggage were taken over in a box chair guaranteed to hold one ton. I was met by my kind chairman of committee, Mr William Parcell, and reached my destination by horse and trap after travelling for 22 hours.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
385 Bannockburn School Jubilee Booklet 1871-1946 c1877 Bannockburn School - Schoolhouse Road - Smith's Gully View Image
863 Paul Crump - Banockburn c1891 ? William James Strong - Headmaster Bannockburn School 1886-1891 View Image
866 Otago Daily Times - Alexandra Museum 1912 Bannockburn School - Looking north. View Image
1954 Mrs J Smallfield - Dunedin c1930 Bannockburn School - looking north. View Image