Location 253
Location #253. Adams Gully Open Cast Coal Mine.
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Adams Gully


Adams Gully


Location #253. Adams Gully Open Cast Coal Mine.

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Te actual site is unknown and may be covered by flood gravels in recent years.

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Interested Parties

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Group Date Description
1 1954 William Hodson and Max Passmore Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
2879 1954 Mine location Lower Adams Gully. The exact location is now not visible due to later floods and scrub. It appears it may be near the old underground workings (location #386) which were on the southern side of the gully.
2880 1954 General notes. Mr Hodson went into partnership with Mr Passmore of Alexandra who was an earthmoving contractor. The idea was to open up a coal seam in lower Adams Gully, by stripping the overburden with a D6(9U) bulldozer and carryall (towed scraper). The coal was exposed after about 10 feet (3m) of overburden was stripped. Bill Hodson drilled into the coal and blasted it loose with black powder. The coal was then bagged and shipped to Cromwell by Jeff Connelly. It was sold at £2/10 per ton. The mine worked periodically for about a year, however it appears it was not a financial success. Unfortunately the mine broke through into old underground workings where most of the good coal had been worked out. These workings may have been from location #386, dating from 1869 when Alex McLoughlin was supplying coal to the Royal Standard Battery in Quartzville. The mine was closed and the area filled with water. It was a favorite duck shooting pond for some years. However a flood in Adams Creek caused the pond to fill with gravel. The exact site is now lost and covered with scrub.


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