Location 27
Dwelling #27, Angel's Hotel
Map 4

North side of Terrace Road


Bald Hill Flat


Dwelling #27, Angel's Hotel (sometime known as Angel Arms Hotel), North side of Terrace Road, Bald Hill Flat

Still Standing


Construction Details

Probably timber and corrugated iron

Location Type

Commercial Building

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1877 - 1895 Charles Angel (Snr) Details
2 c 1902 James Hancock (2) & James Lawrence Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
56 1871 J Harding purchased the Reefers Arms Hotel from J Beare In November 1871, Mr J Beare sold the Reefers Arms Hotel at Bendigo to J Harding, who shifted the building to Quartzville (may have been Carricktown). It appears that the building may have been sold to John Towan of Carricktown
57 1873 Charles Angel (Snr) purchased the Reefers Hotel from John Towan On 26 June 1873 Charles Angel (Snr) purchased the Reefers Hotel from John Towan. See image 78 - purchase document for the Reefers Arms Hotel, Carricktown, drawn up by his agent Mr H Bastings.
59 1877 Reefers Arms Hotel shifted from Carricktown to Bannockburn Charles Angel (Snr) shifted the Reefers Arms Hotel from Carricktown to Bald Hill Flat, Bannockburn. It was subsequently known as the Reefers Arms, Angels Arms, or Angels Hotel. The hotel was known for its sporting functions and its Hogmany dance night. It was also used as a venue for Auctions and public meetings.
60 1880 Directors meeting of Bannockburn Co-Op Store On September 17 1880, the Bannockburn Co-Op Store Company held its first directors meeting in the Angels Arms hotel
62 1884 Meeting to form cricket club On August 12 1884, a meeting was held at the Angels Arms hotel to form a cricket club.
64 1885 Angel's Hotel put up for sale The Angel' Hotel was put up for sale
67 1895 Angel's Hotel burnt down On 4 July 1895, the Angel's Hotel burnt down. The building was insured for £400. However, the company only paid out £100 to Mr Angel because he was behind in his insurance payments. Charles Angel (Snr) and possibly Charles Angel (Jnr) moved to Stewart Town and lived with Mr and Mrs Adam Aitken in dwelling #137
383 c1900 Hancock and Lawrence mining in the Pipeclay Terrace area. Hancock and Lawrence were the last miners to sluice the Pipeclay Terrace area. Mr John Patrick Parcell worked for them for some time. James Hancock (2) lived in dwelling #24 for a time with his family.
385 c1902 The miners sluiced away a number of dwellings around 1902 Hancock and Lawrence sluiced away a number of former dwellings around 1902. These in included dwellings #20, #21, #22, #23, #24 (Hancock's former home), #25, #26, #27


The table below shows a list of images related to the location. Click on 'View Image' to display more details about the image, and to view the image.

Image Id Source Date Short Description
35 Vincent Parcell c1900 Bannockburn Sluicings - Pipeclay Terace View Image
78 Neville Ritchie -M.W.D. - C.V.D. 1873 Deed recording the purchase of Reefers Arms hotel Carricktown by Charles Angel (Snr) View Image
98 Cromwell Argus (Paul Crump) March 21 1891 Notice of football club annual meeting View Image
133 Cromwell Argus (Eileen Olds) Jan 28 1888 Auction notice for Angels Arms hotel View Image
2358 Cromwell Argus 12 Oct 1880 The Bannockburn Co-Operative Store Company Ltd (location #87) View Image