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Dwelling #28
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Terrace Road



Dwelling #28. Terrace Road, North side.

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Pug, plastered, with timber and corrugated iron roof. Separate kitchen building of similar construction close by. (see dwelling #444)

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1881-1935 John Short (1) Details
2 1886-c1985 Miss Frances Jane Ann (Fanny) Short & Miss Rachel Ellen Scott Short Details
3 c1985-1988 Miss Frances Jane Ann (Fanny) Short, Miss Rachel Ellen Scott Short & Mr John Richard Short Details
4 1988-1989 John Richard (Dick) Short (3) Details
5 1989-1993 John Richard Short (3) and Sidonia Miller Details
6 1993-2012 Derek Victor Short Details
7 2012 Ms Kerry Kirkland and Mr Mark Kirkland Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
425 c1881 Dwelling #28 built around this time. Around 1881 John Short may have built, or had built dwelling #28, with it's separate kitchen, dwelling #444 on Terrace (Hall) Road - for himself and Margaret. Building #444 was built first, and was used for the accommodation for Margaret and John. (It became known as the 'old kitchen') As the family came along, dwelling #28 was built, just a square building for sleeping and a fireplace. The internal walls were added as the family grew. The house was later built onto again, consisting of a dining room, lounge and another fireplace.There was a special little room at the back of the fireplace where the heat from the bricks and the stones would dry their clothes which hung on nails in the wall during the harsh winter months. There was also a bench seat in there. (This room was later boarded up, and still later was turned into part of the lounge by Derek Short)
442 c1947 Dwelling #28 was modernised The house was 'modernised' with the conversion of the sisters old bedroom on the southern side into a bathroom. A kitchen was also constructed off the southern side (after Rachel set fire to the 'old kitchen'), along with alterations and a new entrance porch on the western side. At this stage the old separate kitchen (#444) became and extra bedroom, storeroom, and a wash house behind.
453 c1985 John Short (3) returns from Dunedin Around 1985, Mr John Short (3), a widower, now retired from wool classing and his children grown up, returned from Dunedin to dwelling #28 to care for his Aunts (the Short sisters)
454 c1985 - 1996 Various renovations to dwelling #28 An upgrade to the cottage was first done in the 80s when a shower was put in, along with a concrete floor. Further renovations were done in 1985/86 while Fan and Rachel were in Ranui home in Alexandra. Originally dwelling #28 had a long drop toilet which was situated a considerable distance from the house. At some point this was replaced with a new long drop alongside the wash house. Dick Short was keen to upgrade the house for his elderly Aunts. He installed a large modern coal range, which also supported a system of hot water radiators throughout the house to improve the heating during winter. Another modernisation came in the form of an in-house flush toilet installed in the porch along with a septic tank. The domestic water supply was upgraded from water race water (not piped) to a pressure piped system from a bore via a tank on Bald Hill. The Miss Shorts were generally pleased with these improvements, however the inside toilet was not used at all. The elderly ladies preferred to continue to use the facilities next to the wash house. Finally after much persuasion, Dick gave up and solved the problem by demolishing the long drop. In 1988 it underwent another makeover. By this time Fan and Rachel had died and Dick was on his own. In 1955/6 it went through another major makeover, when the house passed to Derek and Judith Short.
457 c1989 Sidonia Miller comes to live with Dick Short Around 1989, Sid Miller came to live with Dick in Bannockburn. Dick Short's stepson, Derek Victor Short, married Sid's oldest daughter. Sid brought his caravan with him which he set up on the south eastern side of dwelling #28.
458 c1990 Upgrades to dwelling #444 (which was originally the separate kitchen to dwelling #28) At one stage Sid Miller upgraded dwelling #444, the old kitchen building. It was converted into a one bedroom flat with a modern self contained kitchen. However, after living in #444 for a short time, Sid moved back into his caravan.
460 1993 Ownership of the land passes to three of the Short siblings. Following the death of John Richard Short (3), the ownership of dwelling #28 and the adjoining land (including #172, Rays Dam) passed to three of his children : Derek Victor Short, Richard Charles (Rick) Short, and Carol Ann Brodie (Short)
461 2004 Subdivision of the property Details pertaining to the residents of the property during this period have been removed at the request of those residents. However, the following occurred with respect to the property itself : - a portion of the land, including #172 Ray's Dam was sold to Mr Paul Wilson of Cromwell - another parcel of land, including the flat area of Bald Hill Flat, west of the old sluicing claim of Richie and Co, was sold to Alan and Pam Beaton of dwelling #488. This land has now been further subdivided into four sections, with Mr and Mrs Beaton building a new home on the northern part of the property.
466 2012 Sale of dwelling #28 In 2012 the remaining property was sold, including dwelling #28. The property was purchased by Ms Kerry Kirkland of Dunedin and her brother Mr Mark Kirkland of Auckland. Their two families use dwelling 328 as a crib and have extensively upgraded it. A short time before the sale the house had received an external makeover. The roof received new facias and a coat of paint, while the old plaster which was falling off the walls was removed. The walls were re-plastered and re-painted.
468 2014 The Kirkland families now use dwelling #28 as a crib and have been tastefully upgrading the old cottage. The Kirkland families now use dwelling #28 as a crib and have been tastefully upgrading the old cottage.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
47 Lowburn Action Group c1975 Dwelling #28 View Image
169 Heart of the Desert - J P Parcell Unknown Miss F J A Short (Fanny) View Image
567 Dick Short Collection 1965 Dwelling #28 - north side View Image
975 Land Information NZ - Dunedin 1923 Bannockburn Survey 1921-1923. Surveyor S T Burton. Field Book 1168 - page 26 View Image
1003 Book by New Zealand photographer of NZ people. c1975 Frances Jane Ann Short and Rachel Ellen Scott Short View Image
1172 Paul Crump - Bannockburn 2005 Dwelling #444 and dwelling #28 View Image
1860 Mrs B Kaye - Bannockburn c1972 Outbuilding of location #28 - Cow Shed (now demolished) View Image