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Dwelling #294. Rose Cottage.
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Bannockburn / Hawkesburn Road


Happy Valley


Dwelling #294. Rose Cottage. Happy Valley (Tucker Gully) approx 50m west of the Bannockburn / Hawkesburn Road. South of the old dray road from Clyde to the Nevis.

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Construction Details

Corrugated iron cladding and roof with timber framing. It had a large freestanding cast iron stove in the middle of the kitchen. There was a hawthorn hedge around the cottage.

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1882 - 1884 William Richard Parcell (1) Details
2 1884 - c1935 Thomas Smith (1) Details
3 c1935 - 1948 Thomas Smith (2) Details
4 1948 - 1969 G Colling Details
5 1969 - 2009 E Parcell Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3053 1882 Building of Rose Cottage (dwelling #294) On 30 May 1882, the halfway House (dwelling #292) burnt down. Mr Parcell took his team and wagon to Invercargill, returning with materials and goods for the new house - Rose Cottage, dwelling #294. William and his son Henry built a new house to replace the burnt one. They lived on site. It appears that the new building was built as a house rather than an hotel, store and house as before. The opening of the Bannockburn bridge had all but destroyed the trade at the Halfway house. Dwelling #294 was built on a different site to that of the burnt building. William and Henry had the new house ready to move into, but not finished, within a month. The Parcell family then moved from dwelling #283 where they had lived for 6 weeks while their new house was being built. The new house was known as Rose Cottage. It is not known where the name came from.
3058 1884 Thomas Smith (1) purchased Rose Cottage. Mr Thomas Smith (1) purchased Rose Cottage (dwelling #294) from Mr William Richard Parcell (1). Mr Smith moved from dwelling #72. At this time it appears that he was employed as a race man for the Tippett & Ritchie water race which took water from the upper reaches of the Bannockburn Creek.
3072 1930 Mr Thomas Smith (2) may have continued to live in dwelling #294 after the death of his father. Mr Thomas Smith (2) may have continued to live in dwelling #294 after the death of his father.
3074 c1935 Thomas Smith and his wife moved from dwelling #294. Thomas Smith (2) had dwelling #291 built, and the couple moved here from dwelling #294. It seems that dwelling #294 was used for some time as a woolshed by Mr Smith.
3075 c1950 Dwelling #294 had deteriorated seriously. By this time dwelling #294 had deteriorated into parts of two walls with a wooden framed window.
3076 c1970 The remainder of dwelling #294 was destroyed. Happy Valley was reworked by a bulldozer for the farmer at that time (Mr E Parcell). As part of the earthworks the remains of dwelling #294 were destroyed. A few hawthorn bushes on the old dray road and a large walnut tree are all that remains.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
1028 Paul Crump - Bannockburn 2004 Tucker Gully - looking north west. View Image
1080 Archives NZ - Dunedin Regional Office c 1862/63 Reconnaissance Survey of Interior Runs - surveyed by J T Thomson c1857/58 View Image
1605 Mrs A G Smith - Dunedin c1927 Thomas Smith (1) standing in front of his home "Rose Cottage", dwelling #294. View Image
1606 Mrs A G Smith - Dunedin c1927 Mrs Thomas Smith (1) (Andrina Slater ) standing in the garden of her home "Rose Cottage", dwelling #294. View Image
1615 Mrs M Valk - Cromwell c1909 Smith group photo View Image