Location 327
Location #327 - Goldmine (Holm Syndicate)
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Cornish Point


Location #327 - Goldmine (Holm Syndicate). Cornish Point, northern side, now part of Lake Dunstan.

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The location is now under Lake Dunstan.

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Interested Parties

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Group Date Description
1 1938 Holm Syndicate Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3142 1938 Mine location. The mine was located on the river terraces of the northern side of Cornish Point, opposite the upper end of the Cromwell township.
3143 1938 General notes. The syndicate gained access to Cornish Point by installing an old dredge service boat tethered to a steel cable (location #328). The mine was supplied with electricity via overhead lines from Cromwell and it employed upwards of 6 men. Driving operations were undertaken early in the year. Then a small sluicing plant was installed and an attempt was made to sluice the deposit. The plant installed was too small and sluicing operations were discontinued. A more powerful plant was necessary for the successful sluicing of the area. After a short time, driving operations again resumed.
3144 1939 General notes. Driving operations were continued during the year and the auriferous area was opened up by development drives. Blocking out operations were commenced when the limits of the auriferous deposits had been located by the drives. Blocking operations were being continued at the end of the year. A prospecting drive was being extended to the down river section of the mine.
3145 1940 General notes. Blocking out operations were continued, but prospect driving downstream failed to locate further payable gravels. Operations were discontinued when the blocking out operations were completed.


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