Location 399
Location #399 - Aquaduct
Map 6

Carinmuir Road


Lower Bannockburn Creek


Location #399 - Aqueduct, Horrigans Water Race. Lower Bannockburn Creek (inlet) area, eastern side Cairnmuir Road, and the edge of Cairnmuir Terrace.

Still Standing


This area is now under Lake Dunstan

Construction Details

Old steel mining pipe, approx 300mm diameter, supported on steel pipe supports, spanning the road cutting in the terrace for Carinmuir Road.

Location Type

Water Race

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Interested Parties

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Group Date Description
1 unknown Cairnmuir Station (?) Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3343 1920s Probably erected for Carinmuir Station. The aqueduct was probably erected for the water race used by Cairnmuir Station. It was removed during lake shore work for Lake Dunstan in the 1980s.


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