Location 400
Location #400 - Bridge
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Cairnmuir Road


Lower Bannockburn Creek


Location #400 - Bridge Lower Bannockburn Creek (now Bannockburn Inlet), old Cairnmuir Road.

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Group Date Description
1 c1948 Vincent County Council Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3344 c1948 Location. Lower Bannockburn Creek, on the old Carinmuir Road (now Bannockburn Inlet under Lake Dunstan) Approx 95m (300 ft) south and 160m (500ft) east of the toilet block.
3345 c1948 Construction. Timber superstructre with a single lane width of 3.3m (10' 6 '') and one span of 9.6m (30ft) supported by 4 14x12 inch hardwood beams. These beams were attached to abutments constructed of steel tram rail piles and timber sheathing.
3346 c1948 General notes. About this time Carinmuir Road was realigned after the previous road and culvert had been repeatedly affected by flooding. The road alignment included a new bridge, the plan for which was drawn in 1948. It is not clear when the bridge was completed.
3347 c1960 General notes. About this time a large flood scoured out the original timber sheathed abutments. The original abutments were replaced by reinforced concrete abutments.
3348 c1981 General notes. About this time Carinmuir Road was realigned. This was required due to the formation of Lake Dunstan for the Clyde Power project. The bridge was demolished. The new alignment of Cairnmuir Road has corrugated steel 'Armco' culverts where it crosses both the Bannockburn Creek and Shepherds Creek.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
1197 Vincent County Council 1948 Plan of Bannockburn Cairnmuir Ford Bridge - location #400 View Image