Location 448
Location #448 - The Butt Hut
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Jones Gully


Location #448 - The Butt Hut Jones Gully, Rifle Range ridge, north west of the 500 yard butt.

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Corrugated iron cladding, steel frame with timber floor.

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 c1936 - c1950 Austral New Zealand Mining Ltd Details
2 c1950 William Murray Details
3 c1950 - c1978 Cromwell - Bannockburn Defence Rifle Club Details
4 c1978 - c1982 Ronald Murray Details
5 c1982 Ian Lloyd Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3439 c1936 The origin and construction of the hut. The Austral New Zealand Mining Company operated a large gold dredge on the Clutha River, based at Lowburn. The dredge started working in 1936 and was finally dismantled to be shipped to Malaya to mine tin in 1952. The butt hut was part of this gold dredge. The hut is of all steel construction apart from the timber floor. It is clad in corrugated iron, wall and roof. The roof is very distinctive in that it is made of rolled corrugated iron, giving a semi-circular roof. The internal frames are of riveted angle iron which are bolted together. The cladding is bolted to the frames. Photo 983 shows the interior of the roof. The corrugated iron has the makers mark 'Blue Globe' plus a large label ANZ, Lowburn, Dunedin.
3440 c1950 General notes. The Butt Hut is one of two which were originally part of the two tailings ladders on the Lowburn dredge. Each ladder had a plant room which housed machinery for the ladder at it's upper end. Parts of the dredge that were not required to be shipped to Malaya were sold off by auction. Mr William Murray (Bill) of Ripponvale purchased the two tailings ladder plant rooms.
3441 c1950 General notes. William Murray used one of the plant rooms as a garage for his car on the property at Ripponvale. He was a member of the Cromwell - Bannockburn Defence Rifle Club. At this time the club was looking for a small building to use as a social, kitchen, storage facility. Mr Murray offered the spare plant room to the rifle club and it became their Butt Hut.
3442 c1950 General notes. The rifle club located the Butt Hut about 60m west and 50m north of the 500 yard butt. A serving hatch for food was fitted into one end, a wood fired copper was installed close by for the supply of hot water, along with a long drop toilet. The butt hut added greatly to the social side of the club which held many events with men and women from as far away as West Taeri taking part. Hot savoys, sandwiches and cups of tea were supplied as refreshments.
3443 c1978 The rifle club was wound up. About this time the Cromwell - Bannockburn Defence Rifle Club was wound up. The Butt Hut was offered to Mr Bill Murray's son Ron, who purchased it from the club.
3444 c1978 The hut remained unused. When Ron Murray purchased the hut from the rifle club he did not move it, and it remained unused for some years.
3445 c1982 General notes. About this time, Mr Ian Lloyd of dwelling #237 purchased the hut from Ron Murray. Mr Lloyd had the hut shifted from the rifle range ridge down to his own property. It was relocated in Birnies Gully on the left bank of Birnies Creek, about 150m upstream of his house in Jocelyn Road. (it became location #254)


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
473 Miss A Parcell Collection 1954 The Alexandra Defence Rifle Club Team - Goldfields Challenge Shield 1954 View Image
475 Miss A Parcell Collection 1955 The West Taieri Ladies Rifle Team - Ladies Challenge Shield - 1955 View Image
478 Miss A Parcell Collection c1950s Bannockburn Rifle Range - Goldfields Challenge Shield View Image
1299 Paul Crump - Bannockburn 9 Mar 1949 Bannockburn Rifle Range - Birnies Gully (location #209) View Image