Location 449
Dwelling #449
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Jocelyn Road / Gully Road



Dwelling #449 Corner of Jocelyn Road & Gully Road, western side of creek. Shown on cadastral Murray Rd c1911

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Pug, timber and iron

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 c1875 - 1922 Thomas Toms Details
2 c1875 - c1932 Mrs Laticia Toms Details
3 1914 - c1916 Edward Lawrence Details
4 c1924 - c1930 Mrs E Parcell Details
5 1931 Theo Toms Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3446 c1875 Mr Toms built dwelling #449 Thomas Toms (1) and his growing family moved from their sod house (dwelling #231) to a newer, bigger pug house (dwelling #449) which Mr Toms had built lower down Tineys Gully. Most of the iron roofing for the new house was to come from the old house. When the roof was removed from the old house the family had to spend the night in the open. Unfortunately that night it rained and everybody got very wet.
3447 Thomas and Laticia brought up their family in dwelling #449 Thomas Toms (1) and his wife brought up their large family in dwelling #449. Mr Toms was illiterate and his wife Laticia did all his writing and kept all of his records.
3456 1922 Mrs Toms continued to live in dwelling #449 Mrs Toms continued to live in the dwelling after her husbands death. She regularly walked to visit her children's homes and family's who lived in the gully, as well as friends further away. One of her regular walks was to dwelling #244 on the Bannockbutn-Nevis road, at the mouth of Pigroot Gully to visit her daughter Emma (Mrs P M Parcell)
3457 c1924 & c1930 Mrs Emma Parcell also lived in dwelling #449 for a period of time. Mrs Parcell spent some time at dwelling #449 caring for her mother.
3458 c1931 Edward Lawrence boarded in dwelling #449 for a period of time. Edward Lawrence boarded in dwelling #449 for a period of time.
3459 c1932 Mrs Toms moved to dwelling #237. Due to her failing health, Mrs Toms moved to dwelling #237 and was cared for by her son Robert and his second wife Maggie.
3461 1914 Edward boarding at dwelling #449. Ted Lawrence, at the age of 14 years took up a job as a driver for his uncle Robert Toms. The job paid £1 per week with keep. Ted boarded with Roberts mother, Mrs Laticia Mary Anne (Granny) Toms in dwelling #449. The work involved driving a gig, then wagons, from Bannockburn to the Nevis. Robert Toms has promised Ted a rise in pay, however after 2 years he told him that he could not afford one.
3466 c1924 - c1930 Emma Parcell spent some time caring for her mother in dwelling #449. During this time Mrs Parcell and her children spent some time living with and caring for her mother Laticia Mary Anne Toms in dwelling #449.
3468 1931 General notes. Theo Toms, his wife Ellen, and their young son James moved back to Bannockburn from Glenore (north of Milton) where he had been working as a shepherd. The family stayed in dwelling #449 with Theo's grandmother Laticia Mary Anne for about 6 months. Theo found work as a coal miner with John Hodson (2) in his Shepherds Creek mines (#248 and 249). After staying in dwelling #449, Theo and his family moved to dwelling #61 where they lived with Mrs Harriet Hancock (the other grandmother of Theo)
3469 1932 Dwelling #449 appears to have been unoccupied. Dwelling #449 appears to have been left empty after Mrs Laticia Toms moved to dwelling #237 around 1932. The building was in ruins by the 1940's.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
226 R Murray c1910 Theo Toms (boy) with his mother Mrs Jane Margaret Toms. View Image
1947 Ms B Holland - Wellington c1940 Dwelling #449 - Gully Road. Looking west. View Image