Location 451
Location #451 - Wash House
Map 8

Schoolhouse Road


Lower Smith's Gully


Location #451 - Wash House Lower Smith's Gully, Schoolhouse Rd, school ground, western end.

Still Standing


Construction Details

Timber, weatherboard and iron

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Interested Parties

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Group Date Description
1 c1892 School residence wash house Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3471 c1892 General notes. The first school residence (dwelling #213) was moved close to the rear of the second school residence (dwelling #214). It was reconstructed as a wash house. Some of the material from the old residence was also used to construct the first shelter shed - location #311.
3472 c1951 The wash house is burnt down. The wash hose was accidentally burnt down when Mrs Marg. Burnell was doing the washing. A hot ember from the unattended copper dropped on the wooden floor and set it alight.


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