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Location #87 - The Stone Store
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Nevis Street



Dwelling #87 - The Stone Store - Nevis Street, west side. North Street, south side.

Still Standing


Construction Details

Mortar and stone with corrugated iron roof. Builder: James Smith and two stonemasons. Stone probably came from near the old Kawarau Homestead site by Shepherds Creek, where Ray's lived (near the base of the Renshaw Range)

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Commercial Building

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Interested Parties

The table below shows the groups of people that had an interest in this property, either as owners, residents, tenants or shareholders. Clicking on the 'Details' link will display a list of the individuals in the group along with any known historical information about them.

Group Date Description
1 1880 - 1882 The Bannockburn Co-Operative Store Company Details
2 1883 - 1915 James Horn Details
3 1915 - 1924 D A Jolly & Sons Details
4 1927 - 1930 G C Burghess & J Graham Details
5 1930 - 1946 Robert Robertson Details
6 1946 - 1971 James Duncan Stewart Details
7 1971 - 1983 Mrs M G Stewart Details
8 1983 - 1997 Graham Robertson Stewart Details


The table below shows any historical notes about the location.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1277 1880 History of the Bannockburn Co-Operative Store Company On August 3 1880 a group of local miners issued a prospectus for a Cop-Op Store Company to be built in Bannockburn. This was to be for the sale of provisions. The company was floated with a nominal capital of two thousand pound (£2000), being 2000 shares at £1 each. The provisional directors were : - James Hancock - William Griffith - Joseph Moore - David Stewart - James Menzies - John Pryde - James Cowan - J P Smiddy - John Richards All of these directors lived in Bannockburn. Mr J L Moore was appointed as the Company Secretary-Treasurer. The shares were taken up among the directors who held their first meeting at the Angel Arms Hotel on 17 Sept 1880. The company advertised in the Cromwell Argus on Sept 21 for a butcher and a baker. On Oct 19, James Smith was contracted to build the stone store and advertised for two stone masons to help with the work. In November Mr J E Thompson was appointed as Company Secretary. Mr George Manson of the Carrick Range Hotel gave a free supper and ball on Dev 7 to celebrate the opening of the Co-Op Store. The store was opened on Dec 24 as a butchery under the control of James Thompson, late of Naylors of Clyde. The butchery flourished and the rest of the store was finished in 1881. The Co-Operative was doing good trade in Bannockburn and on Jan 17 1882 the society purchased the bridge Hotel in Cromwell which was converted into a branch store. On Sept 5th the society had a meeting of it's creditors with J Leslie as Secretary. Unfortunately the Co-Op had gotten hopelessly out of their depth and the store ceased trading on Oct 17 1882. Mr H Murray was instructed to collect all unpaid accounts which were to be paid by Nov 6 1882. The Cromwell Bridge Hotel Store was sold in August 1883.
1278 History of the Stone Store under Mr J B Horn. Mr James Horn came to Quartzville in 1880 and in partnership with Mr John C Anderson purchased Mr William Bennet's General Store. Horn & Anderson then went on to purchase Mr John Halliday's Hotel and Store in Shepherds Creek. Mr Horn closed the hotel and transferred the licence to the Bannockburn Hotel. The store continued to operate as Horn & Anderson. On May 15, 1883, Horn & Anderson purchased the Bannockburn Co-Operative Store building and re-opened the store as a butcher, baker and general store. Mr Horn was also the local dentist and was skilled at pulling teeth. James Horn had a killing yard for his butchery at Quartzville, but when he moved to Bannockburn he took up a block of land on the Cromwell Flats and established new yards there. on March 20 1886, James horn and his brother Alexander brought out Mr Andersons share in the business. The Quartzville and Shepherds Creek stores were closed along with the Bannockburn bakery. James Horn was becoming involved with mining ventures as well as storekeeping. In 1890 he got involved in the first gold dredging boom. Alex Horn took over as store manager. in 1902 the business became a general store only, with the closure of the butchery. The store was very successful and in 1904 James horn enlarged his premises. Mr James Parcell was appointed as Manager in 1904 when Alex Horn sold his share in the business to James Horn. He then left Bannockburn to settle in Middlemarch where he took over the general store. Mr Horns Bannockburn store continued to trade until 1915 when he sold his stock to the Cromwell Merchants Jolly, Bowie and Stumbles. At the same time D A Jolly & Sons of Cromwell took over Mr Horns drapery business and purchased the buildings. During the period that James horn owned the Stone Store various people worked in the establishment : Butchery : 1883-1902 --------------------------- Edwin Luscombe (1887-1899) John Scott (1900-1903) Donald Taylor (1902) Bakery : 1883-1902 ------------------------- James Boyd (1887-1889) James Smith (1887-1890) Alfred Harding (1897-1899) Robert Ormiston (1892) Drapery : 1904-1915 -------------------------- Miss Isabella McWhirter (1904-1915) Miss Sophia Ray (1906-1907) General Store : 1883-1915 ----------------------------------- Alexander Horn (1890-1904 Manager) John P Parcell (1904-1915 Manager) Alfred E Yarra (1906-1907) Fred D Begg (1907) Arthur Munt (1907-1908) A S Howarth (1908-1909) William Chisholm (1908-1910) Dudley Tizard (1910) Robert Saxon (1910) Harry C Muntz (1911-1913) Louis Parcell (1912-1913) Store Horses : Derwent, Kate and Carrick
1279 various General Events : 1908 - on Nov 29 James Horn purchased Naylors Store in Clyde 1915 - on Sept 27 James Horn sold his store in Bannockburn and shifted away from Bannockburn.
1280 General Notes Thursday was packing out day, when stores were taken by one of the three store horses to the miners camps in all sorts of inaccessible places around the area. In 1887 a young lad who was delivering stores was set upon by a Chinaman Miner. He refused to believe that his order of meat had been left at a pre-arranged location. Determined to get his order of meat, he stole soe more meat from the delivery boy. Unfortunately he was to be proved wrong about the meat delivery. On August 9 in the Cromwell Courthouse he was charged with stealing meat from the James Horn butchery. He was convicted and sentenced to three months in jail.
1283 The history of the Stone Store under D A Jolly & Sons. in 1915 Mr James Horn sold his general store and drapery business along with the Stone Store building to D A Jolly & Sons. D A Jolly was born at Arbroath, Scotland in 1842. He came to port Chalmers as a seaman in the ship 'Aboukir' in 1862, and soon joined the Dunstan gold rush. Mr Jolly was one of the first miners at Quartz Reef Point and had some success. in 1869 he put his money into a general store business in Cromwell. He retired to Dunedin in 1906 and died there aged 74 years on Aug 27, 1916. His business was carriedon by his sons William, Ernest and David. Then Leslie joined the firm after William was killed in the first world war. David sold out in 1926, while Ernest and Leslie carried on until Leslie's untimely death on Jan 25 1943. The Cromwell business was then sold to E J Goodall. D A Jolly took over the bannockburn Store in 1915 from James Horn on condition that the existing manager Mr J P Parcell was kept on to run the store. The Managers wages were increased from £2 (two pound) to £3,1 (three pound one shilling per week) so Mr Parcell was happy to keep his job as the Manager. Mr J P Parcell continued to manage the Bannockburn Store until 1924. Business was very poor and Mr Parcell advised Jolly & Sons to close the Bannockburn store. So in 1924 the Stone Store was closed down and Mr Parcell went to work in the Cromwell store where his wages were increased to £5 (five pound) per week. During the period that D A Jolly & Sons owned the Stone Store various people worked in the business : General Store : ------------------- John Parcell (1915-1924 Manager £3-10 per week) James Brown Graham (1920-1922) Drapery : ------------- Miss Isabella McWhirter (1915-1918)
1285 c1927 Stone Store re-opened. Mr John Laing Graham (Jack) and Mr George Cochrane Burghess reopened the Stone Store and ran it until 1930.
1287 c1928 Marriage of G C Burghess and Mary Smith. Mr Burghess married Mary Catherine Smith from dwelling #294. Mr Burghess altered the rear of dwelling #87 where the original Co-Op stores had been. This area was made into a living quarters for himself and his new bride.
1289 1930 The Stone Store was purchased by Mr Robert Robertson. The Stone Store was purchased by Mr Robert Robertson.
1291 1946 Mr Robertson sold the Stone Store to Mr J D Stewart. Mr Robertson sold the Stone Store to Mr J D Stewart.
1293 1960 The Stone Store used as a petrol station. When Mr Ted Lawrence (dwelling #106) sold his cartage business and gave up his petrol contract with Shell, Mr Stewart of the Stone Store took over the petrol contract. A petrol pump and underground tank was installed in front of dwelling #87.
1294 1971 On the death of Mr J D Stewart in Jan 1971, the store was once again closed. (see dwelling #105) On the death of Mr J D Stewart in Jan 1971, the store was once again closed. (see dwelling #105)
1295 1971 Ownership of the store passed to Mrs M G Stewart. The ownership of the Stone Store passed to Mrs Stewart on the death of her husband. The store remained closed and was used for general storage.
1296 1983 Ownership of the store passed to Mr G R Stewart. On Jul15 1983 Mrs M G Stewart died, and the ownership of the Stone Store passed to her son Mr Graham Robertson Stewart.
1297 1997 The store is still used for general storage by the Stewart family. The store is still used for general storage by the Stewart family.
1298 c2008 Store leased to picture framing business. the rear section of the store was leased to a picture framing business run by Ms Christine Hughes/Taylor. The business was only in the building for a few months.
1299 2009 The roof of the Stone Store was replaced and structurally upgraded. The roof of the Stone Store was replaced and structurally upgraded.
1300 2011 Building structurally upgraded. The whole building was structurally upgraded and the interior was rebuilt and upgraded. The store was then leased to a home furnishing business called the Bannockburn Country House.


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2357 Cromwell Argus 12 Sep 1880 The Bannockburn Co-Operative Store Company Ltd (location #87) View Image
2358 Cromwell Argus 12 Oct 1880 The Bannockburn Co-Operative Store Company Ltd (location #87) View Image