Thomas Lawrence
Dwelling #106
Group Number 2

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Lawrence Thomas (Tom) Husband Gold miner
2 Lawrence Elizabeth Jane Toms Wife


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1631 c1929 Mrs & Mrs Thomas Lawrence came to live with their son Ted in dwelling #106.

Mr & Mrs Thomas Lawrence moved back from Arrowtown to Bannockburn (see dwelling #126). Thomas had been working on the Arrow irrigation scheme. The couple came to live with their son Ted in dwelling #106.

1632 1929 General Notes

Tom Lawrence purchased a brand new green Chevrolet car at the same time that his son Ted purchased his new blue Chev. The agent gave Mrs Lawrence a teddy bear as a gift, the first of its kind that the family had ever seen. Tom Lawrence worked in the Bell Hooper gold mine on the Kawarau River, Scotlands Point, below Pearson Road. The couple went to live with Mr and Mrs W J S Hodson in dwelling #241 for a few months. They then moved to dwelling #70 which they rented from Mr Joblin for some months. Tom Lawrence obtained a job at the Golden Progress mine in Oturihua. He moved there first and his wife followed him later on. They lived there in tents.

1633 1935 Thomas and Elizabeth once again moved to dwelling #106 to live with their son Ted.

Mr & Mrs Thomas Lawrence returned from Oturihua to Bannockburn. The couple once again lived with their son Ted and his family in dwelling #106.

1634 1938 Thomas purchased dwelling #84.

Thomas and Elizabeth purchased dwelling #84 and extended it, then they moved there from dwelling #106.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
149 Ted Lawrence Collection c1900 Little Tom - the Cannon - Quartzville. View Image
208 Mrs M Valk 1896 The Start of the East Battery, Carricktown - Interior View View Image
1074 Mrs M Valk - Cromwell c1930 1927 One Ton Chevrolet Truck (Berty) owned by Ted Lawrence - Nevis Road View Image
1075 Mrs M Valk - Cromwell c 1930 1927 one Ton Red Chevrolet Truck (Berty) - Nevis Road View Image
1241 J W Toms - Roxburgh c1894 Lawrence Farm - Quartzville ? View Image
1276 J W Toms - Roxburgh c 1896 Elizabeth Jane Toms (Mrs Thomas Lawrence) View Image
1348 Mrs D Norman - Roxburgh c1900 ? Mrs Elizabeth Jane Lawrence (Toms) & Thomas Lawrence View Image
1353 Mrs D Norman - Roxburgh unknown Mrs Elizabeth Jane Lawrence (Toms) & Thomas Lawrence View Image