William Sutherland (1)
Location #111 - Blacksmith-Smithy
Group Number 1

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Sutherland William (1) Owner Blacksmith


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1705 1871 William Sutherland moved from Bendigo to Quartzville.

William Sutherland shifted his blacksmith shop from Bendigo to Quartzville. The building was situated next to the Carrick Range Hotel owned by John McCormack. It is not clear which side of the hotel the blacksmith was on. The Carrick Range Hotel was situated opposite the Standard Battery.

1706 1882 William involved in works on the antimony smelter.

Mr Sutherland appears to have been involved with work on the antimony smelter and chimney (locations #352 and #353)

1707 1883 General Notes

In March of 1883, the smelter works were taken in execution by the bailiff at the suit of William Sutherland.

1708 1887 William Sutherland moved from Quartzville to Bannockburn.

In April of 1887, Mr Sutherland shifted his general farrier and blacksmith business from Quartzville to Doctor's Flat, Bannockburn (location #111).

1709 1895 William Sutherland (2) joined his father in the business.

William Sutherland (2) joined his father in the business. It appears that the blacksmith business had always employed two blacksmiths. (see later note for some of the other blacksmiths employed by William Sutherland)/

1710 1901 William Sutherland (2) left his fathers business.

William Sutherland (2) left his fathers business and went to work as a dredge hand (it is not known which dredge he worked on).

1711 1906 Last listing for William Sutherland (1) as a blacksmith.

This was the last year that William Sutherland (1) was listed as a blacksmith in Stones directory.

1712 1906/1907 William Sutherland sold the blacksmith shop and his residence to William Price.

William Sutherland sold the blacksmith business (location #111) and his residence (dwelling #112) to William Price. It is not known at this time where William Sutherland (1) moved to, although it is possible that he moved to dwelling #13.

1713 various Some employess of William Sutherland while in the blacksmith business.

Some of the employees of William Sutherland in the blacksmith business were : Mr Tully, William Atchison, Samuel Flaming, Mr Wishardt, Mr Aldridge, Mr McCashell.


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115 Cromwell Argus via Paul Crump c1887 William Sutherland - Blacksmith, Doctors Flat, Bannockburn View Image