Mrs Frances Lawrence
Location #113 - The Bakery.
Group Number 4

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Lawrence James (1) Husband Baker 1841 1 Apr 1900
2 Lawrence Frances Marsh Rodgers Wife 1840 4 Jan 1917
3 Lawrence Amellia Child 21 Apr 1864
4 Lawrence Edward Child 31 Oct 1865 27 Nov 1899
5 Lawrence George Grey Child miner 5 Mar 1867
6 Lawrence Frances Child 7 Oct 1868
7 Lawrence James (2) Child Baker 9 Sep 1870
8 Lawrence Charles Lenton Child 14 Feb 1872
9 Lawrence Thomas Child 14 Mar 1874 15 May 1941
10 Lawrence Arthur Child 6 Jun 1875
11 Lawrence Harriet Child 5 Nov 1877
12 Lawrence Mary-Ann Child 19 Sep 1879 c1944
13 Lawrence Hannah Child 29 Mar 1882


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1717 1840 Birth of Frances Marsh Rodgers.

Frances Marsh Rodgers was born in London, England. Her father was Mr W Rodgers.

1718 1841 Birth of James Lawrence (1)

James Lawrence (1) was born in Norwood, Tury, Surry, England, to James Lawrence and his wife Ann Stanaway Gardener.

1719 1857 James (1) came to New Zealand

James Lawrence (1) came to Auckland in the ship 'Tamar' and moved to Waiuku where he trained as a baker.

1722 1857 Frances came to New Zealand

(from Frances obituary) 'Left (England) as a young girl in 1857, in the ship 'Tamar' under the command of Captain Ross and landed in Auckland in 1858. After spending two years in Auckland she went to Begonia (Bendigo?), New South Wales where she married and returned to the dominion'

1720 1860 James (1) went to Australia.

James (1) went to Australia and took part in the Snowy River gold rush in New South Wales.

1721 1861 James (1) returned to New Zealand.

James returned to New Zealand and went into business with Mr H Robertson. They built the London Dining Rooms in Jetty Street, Dunedin. When gold was found in Gabriel's Gully, Mr Lawrence moved there for a time. He then continued to follow the Otago gold rushes. He established bakeries at various diggings including the Nokomai, Nevis, Kawarau (the original name for Cromwell), Foxes, Arthurs Point, Cardrona and Bendigo. The prices for a four pound loaf of bread varied considerably between the diggings - as follows: Nokomai - 6 shillings Nevis - 6 shillings Arthurs Point - 7 shillings Foxes (Arrowtown) - 11 shillings When Mr Lawrence commenced business at Fox's, there were no scales and candles in 1 pound packets were used as weights.

1723 1863 Mr Lawrence went back to Australia.

James (1) went back to Australia and visited Sydney and Melbourne. During this visit he married Frances Rodgers, the daughter of the late Mr W Rodgers, in Christ Churcn, Bungarra (near Jyndabyne) in New South Wales.

1724 1864 Mr & Mrs Lawrence returned to New Zealand.

James (1) and Frances returned to Dunedin. James went ahead to Cromwell and set up his bakery. It was the first shop in Cromwell to have a plate glass window. Frances followed her husband once the business was set up. James ran a successful bakery in Cromwell. The price of a four pound loaf was one shilling and sixpence.

1725 1866 The bakery is closed and James becomes a carter.

The bakery was for sale by mortgagees. James (1) engaged in carting to the Carrick Range.

1726 1871 James moved to Quartzville.

James moved to Quartzville on the Carrick Range where he took up residence with stables. He ran the commercial hotel and set up a bakery.

1727 1872 James (1) took up a coal mining lease.

James too up a coal mining lease in Shepherds Creek, near Tom's Gully.

1728 1875 The coal lease turned into a working mine.

The coal lease turned into a working mine and supplied coal to James's bakery.

1729 1885 James (1) secured the mail contract for Bannockburn - Nevis.

James (1) secured the mail contract for Bannockburn - Nevis.

1730 1887 James (1) moved his bakery down to Bannockburn.

On Feb 19 1887, James (1) moved his bakery down to Bannockburn. He set up business in dwelling #113 which comprised of the bakery, shop and residence.

1731 1887 General notes.

Mr Lawrence (James 1) had a long time interest in mining. His son Edward was the discoverer of the Day Dawn reef in the Caledonian reef area of the Carrick Range. All of his sons were involved in reef mining. James had a financial interest in a number of quartz reef gold mines and batteries on the Carrick Range. These included the Day Dawn, the Star of the East, and the Young Australian.

1732 1890 James (1) and Edwin Luscombe growing lucerne.

James (1) and Edwin Luscombe started growing lucerne for winter feed, possibly at Quartzville.

1733 1894 James Lawrence (2) joined his father in the bakery in Bannockburn.

James Lawrence (2) joined his father in the bakery in Bannockburn.

1734 1895 Arthur Lawrence also joined his father in the bakery in Bannockburn.

Arthur Lawrence also joined his father in the bakery in Bannockburn.

1735 1897 James (1) awarded the mail contract for Cromwell - Bannockburn - Nevis.

James Lawrence was awarded the mail contract Cromwell - Bannockburn - Nevis and return three times per week. Bannockburn - Nevis return once per week. The contract was for a term of one year and the contract was for £100. Mr Lawrence may have had the stables built to support this contract (location #110)

1736 1900 Death of James Lawrence (1)

James Lawrence (1) died on 1 Apr 1900 of enteritis after being unwell for three weeks. He was 59 years of age. He was buried in the Cromwell cemetery. It appears that the bakery was closed down on the death of James (1) Around Sept of 1900 Thomas Lawrence (with his young son Edward) moved to Australia to go gold mining. Arthur and James (2) Lawrence also moved to Australia to join Thomas some time after 1903.

1737 1900 Frances Lawrence continued to live in dwelling #113 after her husbands death.

Frances Lawrence continued to live in dwelling #113 after her husbands death.

1738 1903 Mr Alexander Robertson purchased dwelling #113.

Mrs Lawrence moved to Arrowtown to live with her daughter, Mrs A Ritchie (Ivy Beatrice Lawrence). Mr Alexander Robertson purchased dwelling #113 from Frances Lawrence.

1770 1907 Mrs Frances Lawrence moved back from Arrowtown.

Mrs Frances Lawrence moved back to Bannockburn from Arrowtown and once again lived in dwelling #113 with her daughter and son-in-law.

1771 1917 Death of Frances Lawrence.

Mrs Frances Lawrence died on 4 Jan 1917 at the age of 77 years. She is buried in the Cromwell cemetery with her husband James (1) Lawrence. The Rev. W P Rankin officiated at the grave.

1739 General Notes on Amellia Lawrence.

Married John Jenkins (miner) in Cromwell Presbyterian Church 13 Dec 1890. Children - Arthur, Lillian, Ida, Ted

1740 General Notes on Edward Lawrence

Edward discovered the Day Dawn reef. Accidentally drowned in Dunedin at St Clair beach 27 Nov 1899. His clothes were found on the beach.

1741 General Notes on George Grey Lawrence

Married Mary Anne (Toms) in Cromwell Anglican Church 1896. Children - Mary, James George was a Carrick Range gold miner.

1742 General Notes on Frances (2) Lawrence

Married Edwin Luscombe in Cromwell Anglican Church 1887. Children - Clarrie, Winnie

1743 General Notes on James (2) Lawrence

Married Ada Kate Baker in Invercargill. Moved to Australia. Children - Vera, Horace James marriage broke up and James committed suicide - Nullabor Plains

1744 General Notes on Charles Lenton Lawrence

Married Maude Isobel West in Dunedin, St Matthews Church 1900. Children Sydney James (b.22 Dec 1903. d.23 Dec 1954) (This is not the Charles listed in Stones directory - not from Smith's Gully)

1745 General Notes on Thomas Lawrence

Married Elizabeth Jane Toms in Cromwell Anglican Church 1895 Children - Edward Thomas, Icy Beatrice, Frances Elizabeth. Thomas died - Cromwell cemetery 16 May 1941

1746 General Notes on Arthur Lawrence.

Married Lucy (?) Went to Australia with Thomas gold mining. Arthur died in Sydney, Australia.

1747 General Notes on Harriet Lawrence

Married Jock Currie

1748 General Notes on Mary-Ann Lawrence

Married Alexander Robertson in St Andrews Church, Cromwell 18 Jan 1899. Mary-Anne died in Gore c1944 (see party group 428)

1749 General Notes on Hannah Lawrence

Married Mr Miller. Hannah died in Wellington.


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126 Cromwell Argus via Eileen Olds 13 April 1887 Bannockburn Bakery - James Lawrence View Image
202 Alexandra Museum - Cyclopedia of NZ 1899 c1898 Mr James Lawrence and Mrs Frances Lawrence (Snr) View Image
206 Cromwell Argus via Mrs C Spears 8 Feb 1895 Court Case - Boys throwing stones, Aggie Ross, Quartzville. View Image
337 Mrs V Paterson, Bannockburn c1899 Bannockburn Volunteers, 4th NZ Contingent - Boer War. View Image
514 Miss A Parcell Collection c1900 Lawrence brothers (?) View Image
1074 Mrs M Valk - Cromwell c1930 1927 One Ton Chevrolet Truck (Berty) owned by Ted Lawrence - Nevis Road View Image
1075 Mrs M Valk - Cromwell c 1930 1927 one Ton Red Chevrolet Truck (Berty) - Nevis Road View Image
1081 Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages, NSW 21 Jul 1863 Marriage Certificate : James Lawrence and Frances marsh Rodgers View Image
1082 Mrs R Winter - Rotorua 29 Mar 1882 Birth Certificate of Hannah Lawrence View Image
1083 Mrs R Winter - Rotorua 1 Apr 1900 Death certificate - James Lawrence View Image
1084 Mrs R Winter - Rotorua 10 Jul 1901 Marriage Certificate - James Lawrence & Ada Kate Baker View Image
1091 Mrs R Winter - Rotorua c 1922 James Lawrence (2) View Image
1092 Mrs R Winter - Rotorua c1922 James Lawrence (2) with son Horace Lawrence View Image
1598 Mrs M Valk - Cromwell c1953 Arthur Lawrence (baker) - Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia View Image
1599 Mrs M Valk - Cromwell c1953 Mrs Arthur (Lucy) Lawrence, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia View Image
2001 Cromwell Argus, via Mrs D McKenzie, Alexandra 8 Jan 1917 Obituary - Mrs James Lawrence View Image