Edward James Iles (Rented)
Dwelling #13
Group Number 4

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Iles Edward James (Ted) Husband Mining engineer
2 Iles unknown Wife


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
314 It appears that Mr Iles did not own dwelling #13, but rented it from William Sutherland (1). He may have lived in dwelling #61 from c1909-c1915

It appears that Mr Iles did not own dwelling #13, but rented it from William Sutherland (1). He may have lived in dwelling #61 from c1909-c1915

315 1909 Edwards arrival in Bannockburn

Edward arrived in Bannockburn with a man named Moem. Prospected old quartz / goldmine tip heads for re-processing. He convinced a Wanganui company to start up a 10 stamp battery with three cyanide tanks, employed 50 man and 24 horses to haul supplies. The venture was not profitable with only a few ounces recovered before the war closed down his operation.

316 Ted Iles supposedly bred horses.

Ted Iles supposedly bred horses. He tried to cross a donkey with a horse for a better work animal.

317 1913 General Notes

Iles and another man owned land on Cromwell Flat and applied for a water right to bring water from the Kawarau River. The proposed scheme involved taking water via a tunnel into the river bed, through a head-race to a pumphouse where the water would be pumped to the flats. The scheme did not proceed, but a Dunedim businessman Percy Sargood took up the idea. He formed the Cromwell Development Company which delivered a similar scheme, for which Edward was employed as a manager. The idea involved building a weir by dropping two large blocks of concrete into the Kawarau, and a headrace and a pumphouse. The scheme had moderate success and worked to irrigate Ripponvale until 1940 when the government installed a different pumping system. The original scheme is now under lake Dunstan. However, one pump was removed from the pumphouse before the lakefill and is now on display at the Kawarau Goldfields mining reserve. The land on Cromwell Flats owned by Mr Iles included the section crossed by S.H.6, Cemetery corner to the mouth of the Kawarau Gorge. The poplar trees that bound this road came from Bannockburn. They were cuttings taken from a stand of poplars near dwelling #5, transported by a dray owned by Ted Lawrence (dwelling #106) and planted by Jim Graham (dwelling #104).

318 1922 Edward proposed the scheme to dam the Kawarau River

Iles proposed the scheme to build dams at Frankton, to shut off lake Wakatipu, at the Shotover and at the Arrow. This was to enable mining in the Kawarau River bed. in 1924 the Kawarau Mining Company started work on the Kawarau Falls dam at Frankton. This dam was built (still exists) but failed to lower the river level to any degree. The company's shareholders lost interest and the other two dams were never built.


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