Mrs Susannah Graham
Location #220. School Teachers Residence
Group Number 3

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
2486 1879 Mr J Anderson became school teacher.

In 1879, Mr A Anderson was replaced by Mr J Anderson as the school teacher. It appears that Mr J Anderson may have been single, and lived in dwelling #213 (the new school residence) but had his meals with (or possibly boarded with) Mrs Graham in dwelling #220.

2487 c1880 Mrs Graham moved to Kawarau Station.

It appears that the school teacher, Mr J Anderson may have got too familiar with Mrs Graham, against her wishes. The outcome was that Mrs Graham and her children appear to have moved to Kawarau Station where she worked as a housemaid. It is not known where she lived at this time, but possibly in part of Kawarau Homestead - dwelling #285.

2488 c1880 General note.

It is not clear which teachers, if any, lived in dwelling #220 after this time.

2489 c1897 Mrs Graham may have moved to dwelling #245.

It appears that about this time Mrs Graham may have moved to dwelling #245. Her son james Brown Graham may have moved with her. Oral family history records Mrs Graham and possibly her son living in a disused Chinese hut in Shepherds Creek about this time. This may not be location #245 but may have been close by.


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