Thomas Smith (1)
Dwelling #294. Rose Cottage.
Group Number 2

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Smith Thomas (1) Husband Sailor, race man, farmer, coal miner 1849 4 Jun 1928
2 Smith Andrina Slater Wife 1855
3 Smith Robert Child 13 Oct 1886 16 Oct 1893
4 Smith Mary Catherine Child 5 Mar 1888 16 Oct 1893
5 Smith Thomas (2) Child 13 Dec 1889 12 Mar 1895
6 Smith Andrew Arthur Child 16 Jun 1891 21 Sep 1896
7 Smith Lillias (Lilly) Child 27 Sep 1892
8 Smith Lawrence Child 23 Oct 1894 25 Aug 1918


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3056 1849 Birth of Thomas Smith (1)

Thomas Smith (1) was born in the Shetland Islands (Troudra?) in 1849.

3057 1855 Birth of Andrina Slater.

Andriner Slater was born in the Shetland Islands (Troudra?) in 1885.

3058 1884 Thomas Smith (1) purchased Rose Cottage.

Mr Thomas Smith (1) purchased Rose Cottage (dwelling #294) from Mr William Richard Parcell (1). Mr Smith moved from dwelling #72. At this time it appears that he was employed as a race man for the Tippett & Ritchie water race which took water from the upper reaches of the Bannockburn Creek.

3059 1885 Marriage of Thomas and Andrina.

Thomas Smith and Andrina Slater were married in Dunedin in 1885.

3060 1910 General notes.

The Kawarau Station lease expired and the original station was subdivided into sixteen holdings. However, some of the holdings were leased in small parts. They were allotted by ballot. The Smith family took up some smaller areas at this time. Thomas Smith (1) with his sons Thomas (2), Andrew and Lawrence, took up five sections of 350 acres (140h) in total which they farmed. Lilly Smith recalled as a teenager selling eggs. On Sunday she and her brothers would walk up the Nevis dray road, then down into Duffers Gully with a basket of eggs which she would sell to the Chinese miners on the way. She would walk home by way of the Bannockburn Creek Gorge.

3061 1916 The Smith boys went to war.

The Smith boys signed up to go to war. Andrew, Thomas (2) and Lawrence went to France as part of the new Zealand Expeditionary Force.

3062 1916 Robert Smith applied for active service.

Robert Smith applied for active service but was turned down on medical grounds.

3063 1917 Robert Smith was married.

It appears that Robert may have been living and working in the Cambrians. On 14 Nov 1917, Robert Smith was married in the Coronation Hall at Cambrians to a local girl, Blance Labina Morgan, aged 23 years. the couple moved to Bannockburn where Robert spent the war years working as a coal miner. It is unclear where the couple lived during this time.

3064 1918 Marriage of Lillias Smith.

It appears that Lillias Smith was married to Mr Eric Walter Scott about this time. They moved to dwelling #59.

3065 c1918/1921 Robert Smith and his wife moved to Cromwell Gorge.

Robert Smith and his wife moved from Bannockburn to the Cromwell Gorge where Robert worked for a Mr Stevens on his orchard. The couple's first child, Olive Rena, was born about this time.

3066 1918 Death of Lawrence Smith

on 25 Aug 1918, Private Lawrence Smith of the Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F., First Battalion, was killed in action in France. he was buried at the L'homme Mort British Cemetery, Ecoust-St. Mein.

3067 1918 Andrew & Thomas returned from W.W.1

Andrew and Thomas Smith (2) returned safely to Bannockburn from W.W.1. Stones directory lists Thomas Smith (2) as a miner (this would be a coal miner). The directory does not show an occupation for Andrew. The two brothers may have lived with their parents in dwelling #294 and helped run the farm. Mary Catherine Smith may also have continued to live in dwelling #294 with her parents.

3068 1928 Death of Andrina Smith.

on 4 Jun 1928 Andrina Smith died at the age of 76 years. She was buried in the Cromwell cemetery.

3069 c1928 Marriage of Catherine Mary Smith.

About this time it appears that Catherine Mary Smith married Mr George Cochrane Burghess. The couple made their home in the rear of dwelling #87, the old stone store, which had been turned into a living quarters by Mr Burghess who was a builder. Mr Burghess operated the Bannockburn store at this time.

3070 1930 Death of Mr Thomas Smith (1)

On July 9 1930, Mr Thomas Smith (1) died, at the age of 81 years. he was buried with his wife in the Cromwell cemetery.

3071 1930 Thomas Smith (2) may have continued to live in dwelling #294 after his fathers death.

Thomas Smith (2) may have continued to live in dwelling #294 after his fathers death.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
1601 Mrs A G Smith - Dunedin various Birth certificates of Mary Catherine Smith, Andrew Arthur Smith and Lillias Smith View Image
1604 Mrs A G Smith - Dunedin 28 Dec 1916 Rejection certificate for active service - WW1 - for Robert Smith View Image
1605 Mrs A G Smith - Dunedin c1927 Thomas Smith (1) standing in front of his home "Rose Cottage", dwelling #294. View Image
1606 Mrs A G Smith - Dunedin c1927 Mrs Thomas Smith (1) (Andrina Slater ) standing in the garden of her home "Rose Cottage", dwelling #294. View Image
1607 Mrs A G Smith - Dunedin 21 Jul 1918 Letter written on active service during WW1 - from Lawrence Smith to his brother Robert View Image
1609 Mrs A G Smith - Dunedin 14 Nov 1917 Mrs & Mrs Robert Smith View Image
1610 Commonwealth War Grave Commission 25 Aug 1918 (date of death) WW1 Casualty Details - Private Lawrence Smith View Image
1615 Mrs M Valk - Cromwell c1909 Smith group photo View Image
1756 Cromwell Argus 28 Sep 1918 Sergeant A Smith. Wounded in WW1 View Image