Two unknown Chinese miners.
Dwelling #302
Group Number 1

Group Members

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No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year


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Note Date Short Description Note Text
3089 c1867-1878 General note.

There is s story told by local people about this dwelling. It appears that it was constructed by two Chinese miners who were mining in the Duffers / Barrs Gully area. One of the miners set out to walk to Clyde for their regular supply of stores. When he returned, he found to his horror that his mining partner had been murdered and much of their mining gear, along with their gold was missing. The police in Cromwell were notified and a search of the roads leading from the area was undertaken. A stranger was apprehended in the Kawarau Gorge at a place known as the natural bridge, just upstream of the Roaring Meg creek. It appears that when he realized that the police were approaching, he threw the Chinese miners gold into the river. When the police searched his possessions they found the Chinese miners mining gear. The stranger was arrested for the death of the Chinese miner - it is not clear of his fate. The miners gold was never recovered, despite many attempts to find it.


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