Jacob Johnson
Location #394 - Horn's Lode Antimony Mine
Group Number 1

Group Members

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No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Johnson Jacob Owner Miner


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Note Date Short Description Note Text
3327 1872 Mine location.

The mine was located on the Carrick Range, on an eastern tributary of Long Gully known as Shingle Gully. This lode outsrops on the flat spur at the head of Shingly Gully at an altitude of 820m above M.S.L. Dunedin.

3328 1872 Description of the mine.

These details were obtained from : New Zealand Geological Survey, Bulletin No 5 (new series), The Geology of he Cromwell Subdivision, Western Otago Division. Strike - 75 degrees Dip - 90 degrees Open cut length - 2.4m Depth 1.5m Ore width 0.15m

3329 1872 General notes.

It appears that maybe in August, a miner by the name of Jacob Johnson discovered an outsrop of antimony on a flat spur at the head of Shingly Gully, on Antimony Saddle head of Pipeclay Gully, Carrick Range. It is unclear what prospecting or mining was done in this area at the time. Small veins of antimony were also discovered on the western slope of Mt Difficulty.


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