The Nevis Hotel
Location #395 - Nevis Hotel Huts (3)
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3335 c1909 General notes.

These thee one roomed hots appear to have been built as part of the Nevis Hotel, Nevis Township, however they may have been moved here from other locations in the Nevis Valley. The date of their construction is unknown, but is possibly around 1909-1925.

3336 1953 General notes.

The Nevis Crossing Hotel lost it's licence in 1946, and was finally closed in 1952. In 1953, the Bannockburn Domain Board purchased some of the materials and huts. This was to construct a pavilion and accommodation for the Domain. Three one roomed huts which had formed part of the accommodation for the hotel were purchased by the Domain Board. The huts were transported to Bannockburn and set up in the Domain with the help of Ted Lawrence and Mr Dave Baird. Two huts were used in the domain as accommodation for the camping ground, while the third hut was set up as a 'separate' kitchen for the new pavilion.

3337 1987 The last hut, an accommodation unit, was demolished.

The last hut, an accommodation unit, was demolished.


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