William Sutherland
Dwelling #40
Group Number 3

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Sutherland William (2) (Scotty) Husband Miner (1930 onwards) 30 Sep 1959
2 Sutherland Jane Ritchie Wife 11 Aug 1950


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
635 c1930 Mr & Mrs Sutherland purchase dwelling #40.

Mr & Mrs Sutherland purchase dwelling #40.

636 1950 Death of Jane Sutherland.

Mrs Jane Sutherland died on 11 Aug 1950 at the age of 77 years.

637 1959 Death of William Sutherland (2)

Mr William Sutherland (2) died on 30 Sep 1959 at the age of 84 years.


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Image Id Source Date Short Description
206 Cromwell Argus via Mrs C Spears 8 Feb 1895 Court Case - Boys throwing stones, Aggie Ross, Quartzville. View Image