Various - for details see dwelling #69
Dwelling #446 - Sleepout #2
Group Number 1

Group Members

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Note Date Short Description Note Text
3436 c1932 Location of the huts

The two huts were located on the south side of Domain Road in front of dwelling #69. It seems that the two huts were just inside the front fence on either side of the path to dwelling #69, under the large pine trees. They were both ex Public Works department workers huts.

3437 c1932 The huts were used as sleepouts.

When the Kippenberger and Salton families moved to dwelling #69 there was a shortage of bedroom space. It seems that Mr Kippenberger purchased the two ex PWD huts to use as extra bedroom space to accommodate his five daughters. The two older daughters, Doreen and Lorna shared one hut, while the younger three girls Edna, Elva and Helen shared the second hut.

3438 c1942 The huts were demolished.

When Mr Frank Garth purchased dwelling #69 he had no need for the huts so they were demolished.


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