Bannockburn Tennis Club
Location #452 - Tennis Court
Group Number 1

Group Members

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Note Date Short Description Note Text
3473 1891 First discussions regarding opening a tennis club.

In December of 1891 the first attempt to start a tennis and bowling club was made, but nothing came of it.

3474 1892 Formation of the tennis club

It appears that a tennis club had been formed about this time. A clay court may have been formed at the school in Smith's Gully (location #420). It seems to have been a joint venture between the newly formed tennis club and the school committee.

3475 1897 The tennis club donated to the school committee.

The Cromwell Argus reported that the Bannockburn Tennis Club had donated 15 shillings to the school committee.

3476 1907 Asphalting and fencing of the tennis court

The tennis court was asphalted and fenced at a cost of £40. Unfortunately the court only lasted a few years because the clay foundation shifted and spoiled the surface beyond repair. The tennis club seems to have gone into recess about this time.

3477 c1930 Tennis club reformed.

About this time it appears that the tennis club was reformed. A new court was formed close to the bowling green on Doctors Flat (location #452) The court was built during the depression and was founded on clay with an asphalt surface. The surface did not last - again probably due to the clay base.

3478 c1939 The tennis court is rebuilt.

The tennis court was dug up and rebuilt on a compacted gravel base. The court surface was renewed in concrete which was poured in sections. Later a layer of asphalt was added. The club appears to have been well supported during this time.

3479 c1940 General notes.

Mary Valk (Lawrence) was the club secretary. The Robertson and Scott families were supporters. The club played tournaments between other local clubs including Lowburn, Cromwell & Clyde.


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