William Richard Parcell
Dwelling #59
Group Number 1

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Parcell William Richard (Jnr) Husband Coal Miner 1897 18 Aug 1872 28 Feb 1963 19 Mar 1883
2 Parcell Frances Margaret Crombie Wife 1879 22 Sep 1958
4 Parcell James Crombie Child 2 Dec 1902 13 Jan 1967
3 Parcell Mary Mavis Child 1904 6 Feb 1968 1912
7 Parcell William Richard Allan Child 27 Jul 1907 2 Jul 1994 29 Jul 1912
5 Parcell Spence Scott Child 23 Apr 1917 9 Jan 1998
6 Parcell Errol Philip Child 26 Jan 1920 3 Dec 1944


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
3624 1901 Marriage of William & Frances

On the 20th November 1901, William Richard Parcell married Frances Margaret Crombie at the residence of John Short of Bannockburn. The witnesses were Frances Jane Ann Short or Bannockburn and Nestor David Parcell, sharebroker of Clyde. The officiating minister was Thomas Tait

72 1902 Birth of James Crombie Parcell

James was born in 1902. He attended Otago University and graduated Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 1924 and The Master of Laws (LLM) in 1925. He wrote a book about the history of Cromwell and Bannockburn districts called "Heart of the Desert" which was published in 1951.

73 1906 W R Parcell (Jnr) moves from dwelling #244 to dwelling #59 (Terrace St)

It appears that around this time Mr W R Parcell (Snr) moved from dwelling #244 to dwelling #59 (Terrace St) to live with his sons family

74 1907 Birth of William Richard Allan Parcell

William Richard Allan Parcell was born 27/07/1907. He enrolled at Bannockburn school on 29/07/1912

75 1908 Mr Parcell appointed manager of Cromwell and Bannockburn Colliery

Mr Parcell was appointed manager of the Cromwell and Bannockburn Colliery. At this time the whole family moved to dwelling #61

76 1920 Birth of Errol Philip Parcell

Errol Philip Parcell was born in 1920. He was a Flying Officer with the RNZAF furing WWII. In August 1944 he was posted to 99 Squadron RAF based in Dhubalia, India. He was killed in an accident while on air operations off Tavoy point in the Gulf of Martaban, on the 3 Dec 1944. Twelve Liberator aircraft were flying in formation from their base in India to carry out a bombing raid on the railyards at Nhohnpladuk, Thailand. En route two of the aircraft in the formation collided and crashed immediately, both bursting into flames on hitting the sea. No one was seen to leave the two aircraft either by parachute or while in the sea. Errol was declared "LOST AT SEA" - Gulf of Martaban. The Memorial walls at the Kranji War Cemetery in Singapore haev over 24,000 names of the allied servicemen whose bodies were never found. The 11 man crews of the two Liberators are commemorated on this memorial. Errorl Philip Parcell's name is on column 445. His war records contain an inventory of his personal effects. An item recorded on this list is a parcel from Fran & Rach, Bannockburn, New Zealand. They were the daughters of John Short of dwelling #28, where Errol's parents were married and "Fan" was a witness.

77 1920 W R Parcell Jnr moves to Southland

Mr W R Parcell Jnr and his family moved to Southland from Bannockburn in late 1920. he spent the rest of his life farming at Seaward Downs. He died in Invercargill in 1963. He is buried in the New Cromwell Cemetery, next to his wife who died in Invercargill in 1958.

78 William Richard Allan Parcell

William Richard Allan Parcell moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1933. He spent most of his life there. He enlisted in the Australian Army in 1942. He died in Sydney in 1994.

857 1910 Mr William Parcell (2) and a small group of miners purchased the Kawarau Mine from the Cromwell and Bannockburn Colliery Company for five hundred pound. They worked this mine until 1917

Mr William Parcell (2) and a small group of miners purchased the Kawarau Mine from the Cromwell and Bannockburn Colliery Company for five hundred pound. They worked this mine until 1917


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172 Heart of the Desert - J P Parcell Unknown Miss F M Crombie View Image
693 P Crump - Bannockburn 1921 Dwelling #59 - Terrace Road View Image