Mrs Jessie Martha Hodson
Dwelling #69
Group Number 12

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Hodson John (Jack) Husband Coal merchant, Dunedin. 1957
2 Hodson Jessie Martha Crabbe Wife 1983


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1093 General Note

The author has no details about John Hodson other than that later in life he was a coal merchant living in Dunedin. He may be related to the Bannockburn Hodsons, as the original Bannockburn Hodson (J Hodson 1) appears to have worked In coal mines and worked in the Dunedin area (see dwelling #244 for family history)

1094 1897 Birth of Jessie Martha Crabbe

Jessie Martha Crabbe was born on 1 Dec 1897, to James Newberry Crabbe and Isabella Begg. She was born in dwelling #48 on Terrace Road.

1095 1903 Jessie begins at Bannockburn school.

Jess was enrolled at Bannockburn school on 10 Feb 1903.

1096 1925 Marriage of John and Jessie.

Jessie Martha Crabbe was married to John Hodson on 23 Oct 1925.

1097 1950 John Hodson purchased dwelling #69.

On June 7 1950, John Hodson purchased dwelling #69 from Mr Garth. It seems that he purchased the property as a holiday home and did not live there for long periods of time.

1098 c1955 Mr Hodson hospitalised in Dunedin

Mr J Hodson was hospitalised both this time in Dunedin. While in hospital he met Mr Geoff Allen, who was recovering from surgery for tuberculosis. Mr Hodson suggested that he should go to dwelling #69 at Bannockburn for convalescence.

1099 1956 Geoff Allen and family spent their summer holiday at dwelling #69.

In December 1956, Geoff Allen and his family spent their summer vacation at dwelling #69.

1100 1957 Death of John Hodson.

John Hodson died in 1957.

1101 1958 Ownership of dwelling #69 passed to Jessie Martha Hodson.

On Feb 11 1958, the ownership of dwelling #69 passed from he public trust (the estate of John Hodson) to his widow Jessie Martha Hodson. It appears that Mrs Hodson did not live at the property.

1102 1958 The Allen family again spent their vacation at dwelling #69.

In Dec 1958, the Allen family again spent their sumer holiday at dwelling #69. From this time on the Allen family used the property as a 'quid pro quo' for maintaining it and paying the 'electric' (as Mrs Hodson called it) every year until Mrs Hodson died.

1103 1983 Dwelling #60 sold by auction.

Mrs Jessie Martha Hodson died intestate so dwelling #69 was sold at auction on Oct 24 1983.


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1064 R Allen - Dunedin c1950 ? Mr John Hodson and Mrs Jessie Martha Hodson View Image