Frank George Kippenberger
Dwelling #69
Group Number 8

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Kippenberger Frank George Husband Coalminer, rabbiter, librarian 11 Oct 1897 5 Apr 1976
2 Kippenberger Elva Mary Ball Wife 14 Sep 1901 25 Aug 1977
3 Kippenberger Doreen May Child 15 Dec 1925 1931
4 Kippenberger Lorna Muriel Child 17 Jul 1927 1933
5 Kippenberger Edna Fay Child 24 Feb 1929 1935
6 Kippenberger Elva Hazel Child 10 Aug 1930 1936
7 Kippenberger Frank George (2) Child 25 Oct 1932 1938
8 Kippenberger Helen Yvonne Child 15 Dec 1933 1939
9 Kippenberger Maurice John Child 6 Jan 1935 1940
10 Kippenberger Ian Raynor Child 24 Nov 1937


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1064 Additional notes about the Kippenberger children.

School admission dates : Doreen May - 14 Apr 1931 Lorna Muriel - 23 May 1933 Edna Fay - 5 Feb 1935 Elva Hazel - 3 Feb 1936 Frank George - 1 Feb 1938 Helen Yvonne - 1 Feb 1939 Maurice John - 6 Feb 1940 Doreen May later became Mrs Cormick, then Mrs McLean. Lorna Muriel later became Mrs Samuelson Edna Fay later became Mrs Briggs Elva Hazel later became Mrs McArthur then Mrs Jackways Helen Yvonne later became Mrs Quinnell

1065 1863 Frank Kippenbergers ancestors arrival in New Zealand.

Mr Peter Kippenberger, his wife Barbara, and their seven children arrived in Lyttleton on board the sailing ship Sebastopol from Gravesend. They had travelled as assisted migrants at a cost of £78 (seventy eight pound) from their home of Kindenheim in Germany (near Strasborg).

1066 1897 Birth of Frank George Kippenberger (1)

Frank George Kippenberger was born on Oct 11 1897 to Maurice Kippenberger (a descendent of Peter) and his wife Fanny, of Woodend, Invercargill.

1067 1901 Birth of Elva Mary Ball.

Elva Mary Ball was born on 14 Sept 1901 to John Ball (1) (son of William Ball, dwelling #67) and Mary Excell of Naseby.

1068 1925 Marriage of George and Elva.

On March 16 1925, Frank George Kippenberger married Elva Mary Ball at Ophir.

1069 1925 The Kipenbergers settle in Lauder.

The Kippenbergers settled in Lauder where Frank owned a coal mine. The venture was not successful and Frank went bankrupt.

1070 1925 Birth of Doreen May Kippenberger.

Doreen May Kippenberger was born on Dec 15 1925.

1071 1926 Kippenberger family move to Bannockburn.

The family shifted to Bannockburn and lived in a rabbiter's camp on the Kawarau Gorge, on the far side of the river. A flying fox was the only access. Frank worked with Jim Menzies as a rabbiter.

1072 c1927 The family moved to another rabbiter camp of tents at Hawkesburn.

The family moved to another rabbiter camp of tents at Hawkesburn.

1073 1927 Birth of Lorna Muriel Kippenberger.

Lorna Muriel Kippenberger was born on 17 Aug 1927.

1074 c1928 The family moved to Matakanui.

The family moved to Matakanui, to the Ball family farm "Devonshire" at the western end of Thompsons Gorge. They lived there in a timber framed corrugated iron house. Frank was rabbiting in the area.

1075 1929 Birth of Edna Fay Kippenberger.

Edna Fay Kippenberger was born on 24 Feb 1929.

1076 1930 Birth of Elva Hazel Kippenberger.

Elva Hazel Kippenberger was born on 10 Sept 1930.

1077 1932 The Kippenberger family moved back to Bannockburn and rented dwelling #69 from Miss McWhirter.

The Kippenberger family moved back to Bannockburn and rented dwelling #69 from Miss McWhirter.

1078 1932 Birth of Frank George Kippenberger (2)

Frank George Kippenberger was born on 25 Oct 1932. Frank (1) was rabbiting in the Nevis at the time. At this time there were only three motor cars in Bannockburn. Ted Lawrence had one, Chrlie Ellis had one, and Frank Kippenberger (1) had the other.

1079 1932 Frank appointed as the Bannockburn librarian.

Frank appointed as the Bannockburn librarian.

1080 1933 Birth of Helen Yvonne Kippenberger.

Helen Yvonne Kippenberger was born on Dec 15 1933.

1081 General Notes.

Frank worked at various jobs in the area. He worked as a rabbiter, a gold miner, dredge-man, shearer, and form worker. He also worked for the public works department at one stage. He drover a grader and towed a wooden hut on wheels which he lived in. He would be away from home for a week at a time. His wife Elva would cook food for him to take away on his trips. Frank was very keen on rugby. He was ell known in Central Otago as both a player and a referee.

1082 1935 Birth of Maurice John Kippenberger

Maurice John Kippenberger was born on 6 Jan 1935.

1083 1937 Birth of Ian Raynor Kippenberger.

Ian Raynor Kippenberger was born on 24 Nov 1937.

1084 1942 The Kippenberger family move away from Bannockburn.

The Kippenberger family moved from Bannockburn to Oamaru where there were better job prospects for the older children. Frank (1) got a job driving a horse-drawn bakers van for a while. He then went back to rabbiting, and later he started a poultry farm.

1085 1976 Death of Frank George Kippenberger.

Frank George Kippenberger (1) died in Oamaru on 5 Apr 1976 - at the age of 79 years.

1086 1977 Death of Elva Mary Kippenberger.

Elva Mary Kippenberger died on 25 Aug 1977 at the age of 76 years.


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261 Mrs D McLeod - Kawarau Gorge c1936 Frank George Kippenberger (Snr) View Image
262 Mrs D McLean - Kawarau Gorge c1938 Kippenberger Children Outside Dwelling #69 View Image
263 Mrs D McLean - Kawarau Gorge 1959 The Kippenberger Family View Image
1063 R Allen - Dunedin c1940 ? Frank Kippenberger, John Ball & Lou Ball View Image