Herbert Scott Molineux
Dwelling #8
Group Number 2

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Molineaux Herbert Scott Husband Mine Manager 1864
2 Molineaux Mary Wife
3 Molineaux Gladye Child pre 1904
4 Molineaux Dorothy Child


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
225 1864 Birth of Herbert

Herbert Scott Molineaux was both in Syndey, Australia.

226 Pre-arrival in NZ

Herbert gained considerable experience in mining, engineering and mine management in three Australian states before coming to New Zealand.

227 c1900 General Notes

Around 1900 Mr Molineaux (and possibly Mrs Molineaux) came to NZ. Herbert was appointed manager of the 'Forks No 1' gold dredge, which operated in the Waikaka River and it's tributaries near Gore.

228 Birth of Gladye

Galdye was born in Gore, some time pre-1904

229 1904 General Notes

The Barewood Goldmining Company situated approx 18km South of Middlemarch, advertised for a new manager, when the existing manager Mr W C Hitchcock resigned. he returned to Austalia to be married and manage a tin mine in Tasmania. Mr Molineaux took over as manager and moved his family to Barewood. The mine employed 18 men and Herbert supervised the construction of a new quartz crushing battery. He also improved the whole system of mining and gold recovery methods. Dorothy Molineaux was born in Barewood.

230 1905 General notes

in May, Herbert supervised the construction of a cyanide plant to further the recovery of fine gold. This process was also used to retreat existing tailings. The Molineaux family were well liked and respected at the Barewood settlement. While Mr Molineaux was manager, the communities social life developed, with the bachelors ball, the formation of a tennis club, regular picnics and the idea of an athletic club. Unfortunately the mining company did not have a successful life. It was troubled with inconsistent returns and water pumping problems.

231 1911 General notes

The Barewood Mining Company was placed into liquidation. The battery was purchased by the Maritana Mine at Macres Flat. Mr Molineaux, along with six miners was employeed to dismantle and reassemble the battery at the new mine.

232 1913 General notes

On OCtober 13, the Maritana battery was fully operational under the guidance of it's new manager, Mr Molineaux.

233 1914 General notes

On March 27, due to poor returns, the Maritana mine was abandoned. Mr Molineaux returned to Barewood where with two of his men, mined sheelite during the first world war. The price of sheelite had increased due to it being used for high strength steel for the war effort.

234 1918 General notes

Herbert was appointed manager of he Otago Central Consolidated Gold Mining Company. The company had taken up claims on the Carrick Range in the area of the old 'Crown and Cross' and the 'Star of the East' claims. The Otago Central Consolidated Gold Mining Company did some prospecting on the old 'Crown & Cross' claim by driving a new tunnel. They also opened up the old low adit at the 'Star of the East' claim which had been worked to 1,150 feet (350m) in 1888. However, even with an experienced and capable reefer like Herbert as manager, the returns were not payable.

235 1918 The Molineaux family moved to Bannockburn and lived in dwelling #8 on Terrace (Hall) Road.

The Molineaux family moved to Bannockburn and lived in dwelling #8 on Terrace (Hall) Road.

236 1921 General notes

in January 1921 the plant and machinery from both the 'Star' and the 'Cross' were dismantled. They were sent away by rail from Cromwell.

237 1922 General notes

In July of 1922, the company sold up the remainder of its assets.

238 1923 The surveyor S T Burton shows Mr Molineaux as living/owning dwelling #8

The surveyor S T Burton shows Mr Molineaux as living/owning dwelling #8

239 1925 General notes

Herbert Molineaux and W A Dunstan tried to float a gold mining company in the Kawarau Gorge. The company proposed to divert the Kawarau river through a tunnel they planned to dig through the horseshoe bend at Waitiri. The bend is approximately 9 miles (14.4 km) upstream of the mouth of the Kawarau Gorge. They would leave 2 miles (3.2 km) of the river bend drained for gold mining. The estimated cost of the diversion tunnel was £35,000. The scheme never got sufficient backing to proceed.

240 1926 General notes

Herbert was appointed to the management staff of the St Bathans Gold Mining Company. This company had been formed to work the Kildare Lead at deeper levels by underground methods. Herbert was one of the board of examiners for the Mines Department for 14 years. He also served on the mining Commission.


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1047 Gold, Quartz & Cyanide - John Ingram c1917 Mr Herbert Scott Molineaux View Image
1048 Gold, Quartz & Cyanide - John Ingram 1917 (?) Gladye, Dorothy and Mary Molineaux View Image
1931 Mr Graeme Stewart - Bannockburn 1919 Otago Central Consolidated Gold Mines NZ (Carrick Range) - Managers work diary sheets. View Image