John Park
Dwelling #96
Group Number 1

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Park John Husband Gold miner c1875-1904
2 Park Lydia Wife 23 Sep 1905


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1411 1875 Earliest record of Mr John Park

The earliest record available to date of Mr John Park is the electoral roll of 1875. He is listed as a miner residing in Pipeclay Gully - the exact location is unknown, but may have been dwelling #96.

1412 1896 Electoral roll of 1896

The electoral roll of 1896 still lists John Park, without a wife, as a miner residing in Pipeclay Gully. About this time he appears to be sluicing on Bald Hill Flat with Messrs Kennedy and McGregor.

1413 1902 Electoral roll of 1902

The electoral roll of 1902 shows Mr John and Mrs Lydia Park living in Bannockburn, probably in dwelling #96. It is not known when Mr park married or when he moved from Pipeclay Gully.

1414 1904 Last entry in Stones directory for John Park.

This is the last entry in Stones directory for Mr John Park, miner of Bannockburn.

1415 1905 Stones directory listing for Mrs Park

Stones directory lists a Mrs John Park. On 3 Sep 1905, Mrs Lydia Park died. She is buried in the Cromwell cemetery. There is no headstone. It is not clear what happened to mr Park.


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