Joseph Berry
Dwelling #99.
Group Number 1

Group Members

The table below shows the people that make up the group.

No Last Name First Names Maiden Name Relationship Occupation Born Died School Year
1 Berry Joseph (Joe) Husband Miner, mining agent, rabbiter etc 23 Dec 1926


The table below shows any historical notes about the party group.

Note Date Short Description Note Text
1448 General Note.

There may have been earlier residents in dwelling #99.

1449 General Note

Joseph Berry appears to have been a well educated Englishman.

1450 1868 First reference to Joseph Berry.

The first reference to Joseph Berry appears in July 1868 when he was appointed secretary of the first church committee. No particular denomination was called for, it was just a Protestant church community.

1451 1868 Joe may have been gold mining at this time.

Joe Berry may have been gold mining on the Carrick Range and acting as a gold mining agent, however it is not known where he was living.

1452 1869 Letter in the Cromwell Argus.

Mr Joe Berry wrote a lengthy letter in the first edition of the Cromwell Argus, published on Nov 3 1869. He used a non-de-plume of 'a voice from the hills' and continued to regularly contribute lengthy letters on a number of subjects over many years.

1453 1874 Joe was the toll-keeper on the Kawarau Bridge.

Mr Berry was the toll keeper on the Kawarau Bridge Company's bridge (see location #153, bridge & location #154, toll house). The bridge was the first to replace the two ferries and was built between the two sites. It was opened in 1874 and was run as a toll bridge until it was acquired by the government in 1878 when it became free.

1454 1902 General Notes

Mr Berry returned to mining on the Carrick Range. He struck a good patch of gold but unfortunately his claim was jumped. Joe became an embittered gold miner and took a job as a rabbiter on the Hawkesburn Station. Mr Berry had a nephew who was a New Zealand manager for the Dunlop Rubber Company in Wellington. This nephew corresponded with his uncle and one year wrote to say that he was coming South at a certain time to visit him but did not receive a reply. However, he duely came down and hired a horse to ride out to Hawkesburn, only to find his uncles hut locked. Through the window he could see his opened letter lying on the table and knew that his uncle was hiding and did not wish to see him. Joe remained in hiding and the nephew returned to Wellington. Back home he wrote to Mr John Parcell, and among other things he offered to pay any debts that Joe had incurred. At this time it is not known the exact location of Joes Hawkesburn hut.

1455 c1916 Joe Berry returned to Bannockburn.

Joe Berry gave up rabbiting and returned to Bannockburn. It appears that he may have mined in the Manson Road (Felton Road) area, and lived in a hut on Manson Road (dwelling #146)

1456 c1917 Joe may have moved to dwelling #99

Joe Berry may have moved to dwelling #99 in North Road (Domain Road). He continued working as a gold miner in the Shepherds Creek end of Revell's Gorge - see location #356, Joe Berry's dam. He may have moved to dwelling #519 at some time.

1457 1926 Death of Joe Berry

Joe Berry died on 23 Dec 1926 at the age of 89 years. He is buried in the Cromwell cemetery.


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